Side Parties, Happy Hour, and Mixer List - NY Tech Week 2024

Mira Research Team
Mira Research Team12 May 2024
Reviewed and Fact Checked ✔️

New York Tech Week (NYTW) promises a series of engaging networking events each day, aimed at a diverse set of professionals across various sectors. The week kicks off on Monday with a 5:00 PM happy hour, including events like the NYC #TechWeek Kick-Off Happy Hour and Money and Margaritas, setting a casual tone for informal networking. As the evening progresses, the Brooklyn Founders and Funders event at 6:00 PM and the NYTW Kickoff Party at 9:00 PM offer further opportunities for connections, the latter being hosted by Madeline & Co. and Prince Rumi. 

For attendees looking to make the most of NYTW, it's advisable to RSVP early, choose events that align with professional interests or offer networking opportunities in desired sectors, and prepare to engage actively with fellow attendees to build meaningful connections.

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