Dr. Sinha - Alexandria, VA

Get In-network Doctors Without Insurance.

Mira allows doctors to work directly with patients without the middlemen. Same day appointments. One upfront price.

Dr. Sinha - Alexandria, VA

Mira helps you cut out-of-pocket costs up to 50%.

Urgent care, STD tests, imaging services. We help those who can't afford insurance access affordable healthcare services.

How Does It Work?


3 states. 10 locations. And growing.

We take the confusion out of healthcare and put you first.

  • Same day in-person appointments
  • Upfront affordable prices
  • Lower costs, avoid suprise bills
  • 100% Board-certified caregivers
  • AI-powered intelligent search
  • 24/7 customer service
  • All in one place. FREE to sign up.

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