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Low membership cost. Steep discounts on healthcare services. Dedicated member care.

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(Almost) 5-star reviews. That's super rare in healthcare.

This is such a smart way to get healthcare without having to pay hundreds a month for insurance (that you still have to pay more because of the so-called deductible).

Joshua F.
February 2022

After 4 years of being unable to do my annual health check-up, Mira has been able to provide all the tests I needed [...] The team is absolutely attentive and they'll look for the best prices near you if you need some specialists, and they even make the appointment for you.

Annyibel B.
March 2022

I would absolutely recommend Mira. Not only is the coverage wonderful but the customer service is truly unmatched. [...] I would have never gone to the doctor in the first place if I didn't have Mira and I am SO glad I went. I had an issue with the doctors scheduling and Mira handled it for me. When I went in the next day there were no issues. Lastly, when the doctor charged me an extra fee Mira reimbursed me the same day.

Casey M.
October 2021

Very user friendly experience. Mira was very quick to book my appointment, and the instructions for billing and location were crystal clear. I couldn't even mess up my visit if I wanted to.

Tappy T.
September 2021

Mira is a very convenient way to manage your medical needs. I highly recommend it. In fact, I have referred it to many of my friends.

Seahee P.
January 2022

The customer service and level of professionalism was impeccable. I was totally pleased.

David W.
September 2021

I made an appointment the night before and was seen asap the next day! Doctor was very helpful and sent my prescriptions over quickly

Kyle M.
January 2022

I will definitely use Virtual Care again. This evolvement of healthcare for these minor needs fit my budget and schedule far better than the alternative with no private health insurance.

Katherine L.
January 2022

10/10 for Mira as it was simple to use and exactly what I expected from it.

Kyle C.
August 2021

The customer service of this company is really incredible. Even the people I've spoken to on the phone with have been super helpful and patient.

Seshat Y.
December 2021

Healthcare services you need at a steep discount.

Smart "menu" for medical services you actually use. Affordable copays like top-tier insurance, minus the hefty price tag. Mira is not like insurance, we're different.
Includes Complete Blood Count (CBC), Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP), Thyroid-stimulating Hormone (TSH) and Urinalysis.

Routine Bloodwork


$1 unlimited

Sprains, cuts, X-rays, UTI, skin rash, allergies, etc. Your copay covers the office visit and in-house rapid tests.

In-person Urgent Care


$99 per visit


Virtual Care


$25 per visit


Full STD Panel


$99 all included

Talk therapy for depression/anxiety, grief, panic attacks, relationships, stress management, medication refills & more.

Mental Health Therapy


$25 per session


Prescription Discounts

Full price

Up to 80% off


Find Specialists

Powered by Mira's concierge navigation team


Hospital Negotiation

Reduce unpaid bills up to half +  payment plans

A1c Test



Testosterone/ Estrogen Test



Vitamin D Test



Lipid Panel



Two simple & affordable plans.

Avg. cost of a surprise medical bill: $550
3-month Mira membership: $135
Avg. savings : $1850/year
in healthcare expenses
Comprehensive annual bloodwork
Virtual primary care, urgent care, and talk therapy
1000 urgent care clinics & 1100 CVS Minute Clinics
Member-only rates for STD test, a1c, lipid, vitamin D +  discounts on over 1000 other lab tests
Vision benefits (eye exam + glasses + contacts)
Dedicated care team (help find specialists, imaging, etc) + hospital negotiation
$99 Flat
Avg. savings : $2130/year
in healthcare expenses
Comprehensive annual bloodwork
Virtual primary care, urgent care, talk therapy
1000+ urgent care clinics + 1100 CVS Minute Clinics
Member-only rates for STD test, a1c, lipid, vitamin D + discounts on over 1000 tests
Vision benefits (eye exam + glasses + contacts)
Dedicated care team (help find specialists, imaging, etc) + hospital negotiation
Flat $99
Get 10% off for signing up today
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Mira is not a good fit if you are seeking controlled substance or surgeries. Have a business? Visit Mira for Employers

Get immediate care no matter where you are.

+ 2000 clinics, 1600 lab sites, 60,000 pharmacies + 24/7/365 virtual care in 47 states.

Your Mira membership is a passport to the most powerful and affordable healthcare network.

All in one App.

Remember calling around to get a doctor appointment? That's gone.

The Mira Member App helps you find in-network services, book, and pay in one place.

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Mira helps you find the right care at the lowest cost using intelligent care navigation.


Get appointments quickly without having to make a dozen phone calls.


Pay upfront directly, no surprise bills, no anxiety.

Frequently asked questions

How does Mira differ from traditional health insurance?

Mira focuses on providing cost-effective, tailored healthcare solutions for your needs, rather than charging you $$$ to subsidize other's usage.

We designed our benefits around planned medical care by identifying frequently used services and creating customized packages that fit your lifestyle. This approach results in significantly lower monthly cost and greater control over your financial future.

We source a network of medical providers who are great to work with so you receive the best prices, often matching or even surpassing insurance rates. With Mira, the average monthly cost is just $45 (compared to $500+ for traditional insurance).

Since Mira is not insurance, there is no deductible or income proof requirement.

Is it true that there's no penalty for not having health insurance?

Yes, as of 2019, the federal individual mandate is no longer in effect, meaning there is no federal penalty for not having health insurance in 2022.

However, certain states like Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, Rhode Island, and Washington D.C. have implemented state-level tax penalties. These penalties are typically equal to the cost of a one-month bronze plan (approximately $650-$750).

f you find traditional health insurance unaffordable, you can file an online exemption to avoid the penalty.

Read more here.

Can I use Mira alongside my health insurance?

Absolutely! In fact, 1 out of 5 members utilize Mira as a supplementary solution to access more affordable healthcare services.

While health insurance is beneficial for situations like cancer treatment, it may not be as effective in covering everyday health issues such as colds, allergies, burns, cuts, or COVID.

By adding Mira to your coverage for only $25 per month, our annual plan enables you to combine low-cost health insurance with comprehensive coverage for common health concerns.

Can I keep my current doctor with Mira?

If your preferred doctor is not part of Mira's in-network providers, our care navigation team can assist you in negotiating the best possible price, which is often comparable or even lower than what you would pay through insurance.

Additionally, we can help you find alternative healthcare providers within the same area for your convenience.

How about ER visits?

Although most urgent situations can be addressed in a clinic setting, a small percentage may require emergency care.

According to federal regulations under EMTALA, all emergency departments must treat you regardless of your insurance status, whether you have Mira or not.

While Mira coverage doesn't include hospital care, we have partnered with hospital negotiation program to help you reduce the final amount up to half.

We've observed that the most expensive hospital stays often involve delayed chronic conditions rather than accidents. That's why Mira places a strong emphasis on preventative care and lab tests. By addressing health issues early, we aim to prevent situations where hospitalization becomes necessary.

Can I add family members?

Yes. After becoming a paid member, you can add up to 10 family members, friends, or even roommates.

The number speaks for itself.


That's how much Mira saved for our members in 2022 in medical costs. Each member saves $225 on average per visit compared to paying out of pocket. The more you use Mira, the more you save.