Our mission.

A better way for American healthcare.


In the U.S., health insurance is the only way to get healthcare, even the most basic services.


But to get insurance, you either have to be employed or pay hundreds a month on your own.


30 million people are uninsured, relying on the ER for things like Flu treatment and COVID test.


We believe there is a better way.


A third option for everybody to get essential healthcare, with or without insurance.


That's why we created Mira.

Mira is different.
Pay less upfront.
Pay as you go.

(you pay full price before hitting this amount)

Monthly Premium

Annual Premium

(vaccine, wellness visits)

Sick Care
(urgent care, Flu, broken bones, etc)

Catastrophic Events
(hospital stays or ER visits)

Estimate Out-of-pocket Costs
(good year: 1 check-up, 3 sick visits)


Oscar health vs. mira

Bronze Plan

$25 - $45


$50 copay

$99 copay

Add a catastrophic plan



$300 - $540



(You pay before insurers pay)

2 at $50

$100 copay

(Pay full price before deductible)



$15 copay


$55 copay

$100 copay


Oscar health vs. mira

Platinum Plan

Mira is built for the new economy.

Gig economy. Freelancing. Remote work.

Independent of employment.

You don't need a job to get Mira.

Stay healthy without breaking the bank.

3X cheaper than your cable bill.

A complete mobile-first experience.

Built for the most demanding users.

Our Team

We believe deeply in kindness. We look for those who are extremely intelligent, creative, and capable of caring.

Join Us

$45/mo month-to-month. $300 paid annual ($25/mo).

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