Introducing Mira.

A better way for American healthcare.


In the U.S., health insurance is the only way to get healthcare, even the most basic services.


But to get insurance, you either have to be employed or pay $500+ a month on your own.


30+ million people are uninsured, relying on the ER for basic things like Flu treatment, COVID test, and even mental health help.


We believe there should be a better way.


A third option for everybody to get affordable essential everyday healthcare with or without insurance.


That's why we created Mira.

Mira is built for the new economy.

The nature of jobs has changed and so does health benefit. Remote work, gig economy, self-employed - Mira is tailored to meet your needs no matter what you do or where you are.

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Get covered.

Simple painless enrollment process in less than 5 minutes. No job requirement needed.

Get care.

Virtual care, urgent care, lab tests, preventative care, medications, gym discounts.


Available in 45+ states, unlike traditional health plan. Get care at home, remote work, or on the go.

Mira helps you get essential healthcare for a lot less than paying out of pocket.

Mira is like Costco but for your healthcare. You pay a fixed membership fee and we work with providers to get you the best rates. When needing care, you can find, book, and pay using the Mira app.

In-person urgent care

Virtual care

Monthly Cost


Mental health

Routine bloodwork

STD test


Estimate Annual Spend
(For an average year)


(including in-clinic tests)

(per visit

(+12 doctor order fee)

(including script if positive)

Up to 80% off


$25 - $60



(per visit)

(plus $150+ doctor order)


Full price


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