"Google built a $1T company in a $400B market. Healthcare is $3.5T"

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Let's build the next trillion-dollar company.

We are tackling a growing problem within a massive $3.5 Trillion dollar healthcare industry.

Are you different? We may be looking for you.


You are scrappy, overly analytical, and you love building software from beginning to end. Nothing is too hard, nor easy.

Growth Hackers

You are overly competitive and you like to constantly beat your last records. You love talking to people and you want to help them make their lives better.


You like building processes, putting out fire. You find yourself rallying people to achieve a common goal. You can't stand status quo!

the four criteria we're looking for

We are looking for leaders with these four instrinsics.

Bias For

Leaders start with a desire to create a legacy. They always start with the customer and work backwards.

Bias For

Speed matters a lot in a startup. We like doers, those who can deliver results at the right quality in timely fashion.

Bias For

Natural leaders are externally aware of new ideas and always find a way to simplify them for their team members.

Bias For

True leaders never say "that's not my job". They act on behalf of the entire company, beyond just their own team.