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Upfront payment. No billing. No surpise document requests in the mail. No insurnace involved.

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Grow your practice with simple payment process fom Mira

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Mira members are mostly freelancers and entrepreneurs just like you!

We are looking for independent providers.

We are actively looking for providers in primary care, psychiatry, and mental health therapy who practice virtually with multi-state licenses.

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Overhead reduction
Hours saved on patient calls
Payment time slashed

Payments matter. Here are the details:

Think of Mira like a large employer group. You get to serve thousands of members from the get go with a simple payment arrangement. One thing we like to note that Mira rates are comparable to Medicare, sometimes more. We cannot reimburse at commercial rates due to being low-cost benefits.

Upfront payment

Simple invoice-pay system without the hassles

Deliver volume

Get plugged in with thousands of members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions that providers have about Mira

How do providers get paid?

We reimburse providers using a global rate or tier rate. We have different provider payment programs including point of service payment, invoicing, and e-pay.

How does Mira integrate into my workflow?

Depends on your scheduling system, we either integrate into your existing platform or send each appointment straight to your Google, Outlook, or Apple calendar. You will still be using your EMR for documentation.

How much does it cost to sign up?

It is entirely free for providers to sign up and be affiliated with Mira. To put it into perspective, the average cost to acquire a new patient is $50-$60. On top of that, there is no billing and no paperwork.

What specialties is Mira looking for?

Primary care, psychiatry, mental health therapy, and common specialties. We accept both MD/DO and mid-level with FPA. We prefer providers with multi-state licenses in one of these 5 states: NY, NJ, TX, CA, GA, and FL

What’s the difference between Mira and ZocDoc or SolvHealth?

ZocDoc is an online booking platform catering to insured patients. Mira is a marketplace for self-pay healthcare services, helping patients access affordable care and helping physicians simplify billing and paperwork. ZocDoc charges $300 a month or $32-60 per referral; Mira is free.

What if the patient doesn’t show up or reschedule?

Because we take the payment upfront on the platform, it reduces the chance of the patient not showing up. Life happens, however, so we allow the patient to reschedule same day or up to 24 hours. If the appointment is booked and there is a no-show, you will not be charged the service fee.

Can the patient prefill forms beforehand?

Yes. If you have a link to your online portal, we will send that to the patient beforehand. In the future, you can upload your form to Mira’s portal and have it be automated.

Can I provide telemedicine as a service?

Yes. We are only looking for providers who can provide virtual care at this point.

How do I sign up?

Simply click here. Our team will reach out to you and gather more information to get you set up.