Frequently Asked Questions


Common questions related to booking an appoinment with Mira

Can I Use My Insurance?

Mira is accessible to everybody whether you have insurance or not. While we benefit greatly those without insurance, many individuals with high deductible health plans use Mira because of the lower cost and convenience factors.

What Services Does Mira Cover?

Mira covers up to 90% of your urgent and primary care needs. For details, please click on the link here.

How Does The Pricing Work?

Traditionally, a doctor's appointment is itemized into different components and you get charged separately for each - which can inflate the cost. We have a simple flat price that covers your entire visit regardless of services provided. What you see is what you will pay, no surprise bills. Any additional tests will be discussed with you beforehand during the visit.

How Long Is The Wait Time?

We integrate with the medical practices' scheduling systems to help you get the best available appointment near you with the shortest wait time. You should expect a 15-20 minute checking in.

Do I Get Discounts On Prescriptions?

Our Premium Plan does offer discounts on prescriptions up to 80%, we partner with GoodRX to help you find coupons and rebates on generic drugs and special formulas.

What Happen If I Can't Make It To The Appointment?

We try our best to fit the appointment into your schedule. However, life happens and we get it. We allow you to reschedule your appointment within 24 hours. Cancellation is subjected to a 35% no-show fee.


We have two simple membership tiers that fit your needs

Is Mira A Health Insurance?

No. Mira is not an insurance product, we do not underwrite any risks nor pay for hospitalization. Instead, we provide a simpler and more affordable way for people to access low-cost urgent and primary care at the point of needs.

Can I Use Mira For Hospital Stay? Or Surgeries?

At this point. Mira only helps you access low-cost urgent and primary care. We are looking at elective surgery services, however.

Which Plan Is Better For Me?

Our Free plan makes a great fit for health folks who only use healthcare once or twice a year. Our premium plan can be a great addition for folks with a high deductible, between jobs, or don't have insurance.

Can I Use Mira On Top of My Insurance?

Many people use Mira on top of their high deductible insurance because our prices are 30-50% lower compared to the out-of-pocket cost per visit. On top of that, getting an appointment with Mira is easy and convenient.