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What is Mira and how it works

What Is Mira?

Mira is a better and more affordable health benefit helping you access preventative and urgent care at a flat copay. It is a supplemental solution for people that are uninsured or have high out of pocket expenses. Mira may be able to save you a substantial amount of money on healthcare costs, especially if you have a high deductible plan. 

Mira is not a health insurance plan, however, you can use Mira on top of your catastrophic or high deductible plan to access affordable healthcare.

What's The Difference Between Mira and Health Insurance?

Mira is an low-cost health benefit helping you get affordable copay for preventative and urgent care, without insurance. Mira can also be used to supplement your high deductible health plan. Many people add Mira on top of their catastrophic health plan to cover the gaps.

Can I avoid the tax penalty by using Mira?

The individual mandate was effectively repealed at the federal level as of 2019 tax year, meaning you won't pay any fine at the federal level.

There are some states that had installed an mandate such as CA, DC, NJ, RI and VE. However, if health insurance plans available are 8% (check with your state) or more of your or your household's income, you could file an exemption.

Mira is not a health insurance plan therefore you are not qualified to avoid the mandate in selected states.

How Many Providers Are In Mira's Network?

You can click here to see our network coverage. With Mira, you can visit any one of over 1,000 clinics in the U.S. If there is not a location listed near you, please reach out to us. We will work to find one near you!

Can I Get Mira For My Company Too?

Yes. Mira does offer a small business plan. Click here for more details.

I Am A Provider. How Do I List My Practice On Mira?

Mira partners with selected providers to reduce administrative burden and increase patient volume. Please visit our provider page.


Common questions related to booking an appoinment with Mira

Can I Use My Insurance?

Mira is accessible to everybody whether you have insurance or not. While we benefit greatly those without insurance, many individuals with high deductible health plans use Mira because of the lower cost and convenience factors.

What Services Does Mira Cover?

Mira covers up to 90% of your urgent and primary care needs. For details, please click on the link here.

How Does The Pricing Work?

Traditionally, a doctor's appointment is itemized into different components and you get charged separately for each - which can inflate the cost. We have a simple flat price that covers your entire visit regardless of services provided. What you see is what you will pay, no surprise bills.

Should there be a need for an advance treatment such as a full pannel blood test, ask your provider for cash discounts.

How Long Is The Wait Time?

We integrate with the medical practices' scheduling systems to help you get the best available appointment near you with the shortest wait time. You should expect a 15-20 minute checking in.

Do I Get Discounts On Prescriptions?

Our plan does offer discounts on prescriptions up to 80%. Mira helps you find coupons and rebates on generic drugs and special formulas.

What Happen If I Can't Make It To The Appointment?

We try our best to fit the appointment into your schedule. However, life happens and we get it. We allow you to reschedule your appointment within 24 hours. Cancellation without reason is subjected to a 35% no-show fee.


We have two simple membership tiers that fit your needs

Is Mira A Health Insurance?

No. Mira is not an insurance product, we do not underwrite any risks  for hospitalization. Instead, we provide a simpler and more affordable way for people to access low-cost urgent and primary care at the point of needs.

Can I Use Mira For Hospital Stay? Or Surgeries?

At this point. Mira only helps you access low-cost urgent and primary care. We are looking at elective surgery services, however. Did you know, 70% of hospital visits could have been prevented by routine care or visiting an urgent care clinic. Our goal is to offer incredibly affordable healthcare so you can manage many health situations before an E.R. visit is needed.

Can I Use Mira On Top of My Insurance?

Many people use Mira on top of their high deductible insurance because our prices are 30-50% lower compared to the out-of-pocket cost per visit. On top of that, getting an appointment with Mira is easy and convenient.

I'm ready to sign-up, where do I go?

Great! Click on the link here to get started.