Health Benefits Made Simple & Affordable.

Mira is the only health benefits plan below $100 that covers in-person, virtual, mental health, lab tests, prescriptions, vision, and even gym discounts.

Why companies love Mira


60% Faster

Stand out in a sea of job openings by providing essential benefits.


Hard Workers

Help your team take care of their most important asset - their health.


Best Performers

High performers are less likely to look for new job when health benefits are provided.

"We love Mira because it's the only reasonably priced benefit for our part-time and contract workers."

Super low monthly cost, reasonable copay, and care options that to keep your team away from the hospital.

Virtual care
$25 copay
Get medication refills
Primary care & urgent care
Check-in monthly for on-going conditions
$99 copay
X-rays for injuries
Ear washing, wound repairs, more
Sports physical
Mental health
No cost digital talk therapy
$60-$99 copay treatments for ADHD, anxiety, depression with a psychiatric provider
Lab tests
$13 Comprehensive bloodwork
Same-day STD test, A1c, Lipid panel, Testosterone, Estrogen, Vitamin D+ member rates for all LabCorp panels
Up to 80% off for generic and brand names
Member rates for compounds GLP-1, hormones.
$20 Renew glasses & contact prescription
$49 See an eye specialist for vision problems
Discounts on wearable
15-20% discounts at 10,000 gyms, month-to-month no contract, waived initiation fees

How it works

Set up

Create your company account. Simple, easy, and takes less than 5 minutes.


Add team members or dependents whom you'd like to offer these benefits to.


Activate your company account to unlock access to benefits for all team members.

Built for SMBs


Mira is considered an expense and could be tax-deductible.

HSA/FSA eligible

Your employees can pay Mira copays using a medical saving/spending account.

1099s compliant

Because Mira is not insurance, you can provide Mira for contractors and part-timers.


Mira could be provided as a standalone benefit or as a supplement with a health plan.


Mira costs 10x less than the lowest-cost health plan on the market.


Dedicated account manager to answer all your questions.

One straight forward, super simple plan.

Mira can be used alone or with a high deductible plan. It's your choice.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Mira & health insurance?

Mira is not an insurance product because instead of taking on all types of risks, we focus on getting you the cheapest rates possible for everyday healthcare. Think of it like a buffet vs. a la carte.

Unlike insurance, Mira only costs only $55/month (vs. $500+/month for insurance). Therefore, our coverage is tailored toward the services you use most often.

Because Mira is not insurance, there is no deductible or requirement for income proof.

Don't think Mira is a good fit? Click here to shop for ACA-qualified health plans.

I already offer insurance but have low uptake rate. Can I offer Mira too?

Yes, many companies come to us because the group rate for health insurance is too expensive for their team. Mira offers a much more affordable alternative.

You can offer Mira as a secondary option.

Is there any compliance issue I should think about?

Employers with less than 50 or more full-time employees, and/or full-time equivalents (those who work for 30 hours or more a week) are not required to offer health insurance according to the Affordable Care Act.

1099 contractors are not counted as employees. (please consult with your tax attorney to confirm).

If you hire contractors or part-time employees, it is beneficial for you to offer Mira as an alternative health benefits option to hire faster and reduce turnover.

What happens if there is an emergency?

While most urgent situations could be taken care of in a clinic setting, some might need emergency care in rare cases.

Though Mira doesn't cover hospital care, we have helped many members identify financial assistance programs to lower or completely erase the bills using our navigation service.

We found that most of the most expensive hospital stays involved delayed chronic conditions rather than accidents.

This is why Mira has a strong emphasis on preventative care and lab tests. When you are in the hospital, it is already too late.

How about dependents?

You can add dependent directly using the Mira Employer Portal if a team member requests.

Is there payroll integration?

We are working on integrating with HR platforms and payroll so that you can import employees directly and get payroll deduction automated.

When that feature is done, it will be available to you at no additional charge.

Do you work with brokers?

Yes, we do. Click here to shoot us an email.

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