Mira vs. traditional health insurance:

(you pay full price before hitting this amount)

Monthly Premium

Annual Premium


Doctor Visits
(urgent care, Flu, broken bones, etc)

Lab Tests
(blood work, STD check, A1c, lipid)


Catastrophic Accidents
(hospital stays or ER visits)

Estimate Annual Out-of-pocket
(For an average year)

Compliant for part-time W2s & contractors

$25 - $60


$99 copay

$49+ copay

80% discount

Add catastrophic plan
(We can help you find one)


$300 - $540


(What you pay before insurer will pay)

You pay 100%
(Pay 50% after deductible)

You pay 100%
(Pay $50 after deductible)

You pay 100%
(Pay $10-$70 after deductible)

You pay 100%
(Pay 50% after deductible)




$55 copay

$35 copay

$10 - $60 copay

$100 - $500 copay

Oscar health vs. mira

Bronze Plan
(W2 only)

Oscar health vs. mira

Platinum Plan
(W2 only)

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Mira helps you get healthcare services for up to 80% less than paying out of pocket or going through insurance.

A note from our leadership team

After two years of research and talking to over 2000 users, we found that most businesses today can't afford paying $6000/year per employee for health insurance. Yet 60% of job applicants would take a job with health benefits over one that pays more.

On top of that, providing health insurance for contractors has very complicated labor law implications.

This is why we built Mira, a compliant non-insurance health benefits option that costs much less than traditional health plans.

We do so by building a network of urgent care clinics, labs, pharmacies, and even fitness facilities and negotiating on your behalf.

By carving out non-hospital care and doing it in an a la carte fashion, we're able to cover essential services at a much lower monthly cost compared to an all-inclusive health plan.

- Mira Founder & CEO

Read Frequenly Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions that employers have about Mira

What is Mira?

Mira is an low-cost alternative for small businesses to provide healthcare access to attract and retain talent.

Can I avoid the tax penalty using Mira?

Employers with less than 50 or more full-time employees, and/or full-time equivalents (those who work for 30 hours or more a week) are not required to offer health insurance according to the Affordable Care Act. 1099 contractors are not counted as employees.

If you hire contractors or part-time employees, it is beneficial for you to offer Mira as an alternative health benefits option to hire faster and reduce churn.

If I already offer insurance for employees, can I use this for contractors and part-time?

Yes. Since Mira is not an insurance product, you are allowed to offer Mira to contractors and part-timers and be compliant with labor laws. We specifically create Mira as a non-insurance product for this purpose.

Can I provide Mira to both employees and contractors or their dependents?

If you have less than 50 employees (excluding contractors), yes. Because Mira is not an insurance product, you have the flexibility to provide Mira to both W2 employees and 1099 contractors. In fact, we work with gig-economy market places to provide Mira as a baseline healthcare option.

Can I also pay for my employees or contractors' medical expenses?

Yes. In fact, many startups do this and the cost is still lower than having an insurance.

What is covered?

Mira covers essential healthcare such as urgent care, primary care, lab test, prescriptions, and more. We also have a signature navigation service that helps you find low-cost specialist services that we don't cover such as mammogram, dermatology, and orthopedics.

Is Mira tax deductible? Can I use it with QHERSA or ICHRA?

The monthly membership is not tax-deductible. However, it is considered a business expenses and could be written off (consult with your accountants). The copays can be paid using your HSA, FSA, QHERSA, ICHRA.