How Much Does An X-Ray Cost At CityMD?

Mira Research Team15 Jan 2021

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  • An x-ray is a type of test used to image the internal structures of your body — particularly your bones. X-rays are offered at all CityMD locations.
  • If you do not have insurance, the average cost of an X-Ray at CityMD is $200. If you have insurance, the cost will depend on your co-pay. Ostensibly, the cost you will pay is highly variable and depends on your insurance status, whether or not you receive additional tests, and other administrative fees.
  • This article aims to help you understand the price you might have to pay for an x-ray and where to get tested at the lowest cost.

The price of an x-ray at CityMD depends on several factors

To determine the price of x-rays at one of CityMD’s locations, we conducted our primary research by calling several CityMD locations across New York to identify and confirm the price. 

In doing so, we determined that the average cost of an X-Ray at CityMD is approximately $200 if you do not have health insurance. 

If you do have insurance, your insurance plan will likely cover a majority of the bill, however, fees and co-pays will still apply. 

This $200 fee covers the charge for the x-ray itself and the fee for the office visit. Conversely, this price will vary if you have insurance and will largely be determined by your co-pay.

Herein, it is important to note that some persons can expect to pay more than $200 — especially if they are uninsured. Namely, in addition to the cost of the x-ray, the physician may deem it necessary to conduct other tests that rule out other diseases and prognoses. 

The cost of such tests and lab work may exceed the price of an x-ray and office visit alone. 

Outlined below are several factors that may affect your out of pocket cost:

  • Insurance status (insured vs. uninsured)
  • Type of Insurance
  • Type of x-ray performed
  • Additional Tests
  • Administrative Fees
  • Medicine / Prescription Drugs

Are x-rays harmful to my health?

When getting an x-ray, you will be exposed to low levels of radiation. In general, the level of radiation emitted from a standard x-ray is so low that it will not be harmful to your health. The amount of radiation from a simple X-ray is approximately equal to the level of radiation you are exposed to each day from natural sources. 

Therefore, the benefits of getting an x-ray typically outweigh the risks. If you may be pregnant, it is important to notify your provider because certain x-rays may pose additional health risks while pregnant. 

Other types of x-rays, such as CT scans, emit higher levels of radiation and should only be ordered when there is a health benefit. CityMD and most urgent care centers do not offer these types of scans. 

Who should seek an x-ray?

An x-ray is a quick, painless process that images your internal structures — particularly your bones. 

X-rays can offer physicians and healthcare providers insight into fractures, injury, infections, dislocations, lung infections, as well as swallowed items inside your body. 

As opposed to more invasive procedures, an x-ray is non-invasive and can determine the aforementioned conditions through imaging alone. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, a leader in the healthcare industry, there are several types of patients who should seek x-rays. Patients with the symptoms listed below are advised to seek the advice of a healthcare provider, who will determine if you need an x-ray.

  • Broken or fractured bone(s)
  • Dislocated Bones
  • Lung Infection
  • Swallowed Item
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Breast Cancer

You can also receive an x-ray at the emergency room, however, the costs may be significantly higher than CityMD.

What should I do after I receive my x-ray?

It is important to note that receiving an x-ray from an urgent care clinic, such as CityMD, should be purely diagnostic. Urgent care clinics are not meant to treat you in the long-term, so if your x-ray diagnosis requires long-term treatment, you should subsequently seek medical help from your primary care provider or a specialist. 

CityMD does, however, does coordinate an aftercare program for you once your visit is complete. 

What can I do to avoid high costs when getting an x-ray at CityMD? 

Seeking help from urgent care can be expensive and non-transparent.

There are several options that can help you reduce your out-of-pocket cost —  especially if you do not have insurance coverage or your insurance has high deductibles. 

With Mira, your $99 co-pay will cover your entire urgent care visit. 

It is important to advocate for yourself and understand the factors that affect the potential cost. Outlined below are several questions you can ask to help advocate for yourself.

  • How much will the x-ray cost?
  • Is one type of x-ray more expensive than another?
  • Will I need to receive additional tests?
  • How much will this prescription medicine cost?
  • Is there an office visit fee?
  • What other administrative fees can I expect?
  • Are there alternatives to acquiring an x-ray?


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