How Much Does an X-Ray Cost Without Insurance?

Jacqueline Slobin
Jacqueline Slobin23 Aug 2022

The out-of-pocket cost for an x-ray at urgent care will be between $120- $325. At the emergency room, the cost ranges between $260 and $460. However, additional fees and views can cause the price to inflate even more. The price you pay may depend on the number of x-rays you get, administrative fees, additional tests, and procedures. If you have insurance, the cost of an x-ray will also depend on your co-pay once you have reached your deductible. 

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The Out-of-Pocket Cost of X-rays

Several urgent care facilities provide x-rays. Below we outline the cost of getting an x-ray at ProHealth Care, MedRite Urgent Care, GoHealth Urgent Care, and ModernMD Urgent Care, and CityMD. Before getting an X-ray, you should confirm the price, as the cost can vary depending on your medical circumstances. 

The Cost of X-Rays at Urgent Care Centers

Urgent CareCost of an x-ray
ProHealth Care$115 visit fee + about $38 - $153 for ankle x-ray but may be more for other body parts
MedRite Urgent Care$120 visit fee + $50 for an x-ray with 2 view + $25 for each additional view
GoHealth Urgent Care$120 visit fee + $60 per body part
ModernMD Urgent Care$99 visit fee + $50 for x-ray
CityMD$230 + additional fees

The Cost of X-Rays at the Emergency Room

While x-rays can be done at both urgent care centers and the emergency room, getting an x-ray at urgent care is much more cost-effective. 

At the emergency room, x-rays range in cost between $260- $460. This does not include additional fees that might incur during your visit.

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Factors That Influence X-ray Cost

The amount you will have to pay for an x-ray at urgent care may vary depending on your injury and insurance status. Below, we outline some of the factors that can affect the cost of an x-ray. 

  • Insurance status: Not all insurance plans will cover the cost of the x-ray. For example, if you have a plan with a high deductible and have not met your deductible yet, you may be responsible for the total cost of your visit. If you meet your deductible and your insurance is accepted by the urgent care center accepts your insurance, your plan’s co-pay will determine the price that you pay.
  • Additional Tests: If your injury requires additional diagnostic tests or treatment, such as stitches or bloodwork, you will be responsible for covering the added costs of these services.
  • Prescription Medications: depending on your injury, you may be prescribed medication to help manage pain or control infection. You will have to pay for this medication in addition to the cost of an x-ray. MiraRx can help you access coupon codes to get discounted prescription medications at pharmacies near you.

X-ray Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below we walk through some frequently asked questions about x-rays and when you should get one done. It’s important to listen to your doctor's recommendations and make sure you understand what your insurance covers before scheduling the test. 

Are x-rays harmful to my health?

When getting an x-ray, you will be exposed to low levels of radiation. The amount of radiation you are exposed to depends on the part of your body being. In general, the level of radiation emitted from a standard x-ray is so low that it will not be harmful to your health. The amount of radiation from a simple x-ray is approximately equal to the level of radiation you are exposed to each day from natural sources. 

Therefore, the benefits of getting a standard x-ray typically outweigh the risks. Other types of x-rays, such as CT scans, emit higher radiation levels and are ordered less frequently than standard X-rays. Most urgent care centers do not offer these types of scans. It is important to notify your provider if you may be pregnant because certain x-rays may pose additional health risks while pregnant. 

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When should I get an X-ray? 

You may decide to get an x-ray to help diagnose fractured bones and other medical conditions. An x-ray can be used to detect any of the following: 

  • Broken or fractured bone(s)
  • Dislocated Bones
  • Lung Infection
  • Swallowed Item
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Breast Cancer

You can also receive an x-ray at the emergency room; however, the costs may be significantly higher than urgent care.

What should I do after I receive my x-ray?

Depending on the results of your x-ray, the provider at an urgent care clinic will advise a treatment plan for your injury. If you have a minor injury, such as a sprain, you may be able to get it treated at the urgent care clinic. However, In some cases, your provider at urgent care will recommend that you see a specialist or a primary care provider. 

How to Avoid High Costs for X-rays

There are several ways to advocate for yourself at urgent care and get all of the information you need to know about the cost of your visit. Below are some questions you can ask to understand how much you will pay for an X-ray at an urgent care facility: 

  • How much will the X-ray cost?
  • Is one type of X-ray more expensive than another?
  • Will I need to receive additional tests?
  • How much will this prescription medicine cost?
  • Is there an office visit fee?
  • What other administrative fees can I expect?
  • Are there alternatives to acquiring an x-ray?

Bottom Line

The price of an x-ray at urgent care will depend on several factors, such as your insurance or health coverage status. You’ll be charged a minimum of $230, but it could be as high as $325 if you’re tasked with getting additional images taken for your unique situation. Having a partner that caps the costs on your behalf would be beneficial and could provide a nice peace of mind that you’ll be able to get the x-ray you need at the right moment.

If you don’t have insurance or have a high deductible plan, a membership with Mira can help you pay less for services, such as x-rays. For only $45 per month, Mira members have access to low-cost services such as lab testing, discounted prescriptions, and urgent care visits. Start saving now.

Jacqueline Slobin

Jacqueline graduated from the University of Virginia in 2021 with a B.A. in Global Public Health and is a current M.D. candidate at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Jacqueline has been working for Mira since April 2020 and is passionate about the intersection of public health and medical care.