How Much Does an X-Ray Cost Without Insurance?

Jacqueline Slobin
Jacqueline Slobin23 Aug 2022
The Out-of-Pocket Cost of X-rays
Factors That Influence X-ray Cost
X-ray Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How to Avoid High Costs for X-rays
Bottom Line

The out-of-pocket cost for an x-ray at urgent care will be between $120- $325. At the emergency room, the cost ranges between $260 and $460. However, additional fees and views can cause the price to inflate even more. The price you pay may depend on the number of x-rays you get, administrative fees, additional tests, and procedures. If you have insurance, the cost of an x-ray will also depend on your co-pay once you have reached your deductible. 

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The Out-of-Pocket Cost of X-rays

Several urgent care facilities provide x-rays. Below we outline the cost of getting an x-ray at ProHealth Care, MedRite Urgent Care, GoHealth Urgent Care, and ModernMD Urgent Care, and CityMD. Before getting an X-ray, you should confirm the price, as the cost can vary depending on your medical circumstances. 

The Cost of X-Rays at Urgent Care Centers

Urgent CareCost of an x-ray
ProHealth Care$115 visit fee + about $38 - $153 for ankle x-ray but may be more for other body parts
MedRite Urgent Care$120 visit fee + $50 for an x-ray with 2 view + $25 for each additional view
GoHealth Urgent Care$120 visit fee + $60 per body part
ModernMD Urgent Care$99 visit fee + $50 for x-ray
CityMD$230 + additional fees

The Cost of X-Rays at the Emergency Room

While x-rays can be done at both urgent care centers and the emergency room, getting an x-ray at urgent care is much more cost-effective. 

At the emergency room, x-rays range in cost between $260- $460. This does not include additional fees that might incur during your visit.

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