How Much Does Urgent Care Cost Without Insurance?

Alyssa Orcuilo24 Mar 2021

Written by Nick Ebert, Alyssa Orcuilo, and Khang Vuong

Quick Summary:

  • The costs for an individual without insurance range anywhere from $80-$280 for a basic Level I visit and $140-$440 for an advanced Level II visit. Pricing also varies up to 3 times depending on the location.
  • Whether it be for a fever, a sore throat, or even a sports injury, urgent care is still a superb option in terms of affordability and convenience compared to the emergency room. Don't be afraid to ask questions because receptionists at urgent care clinics are generally knowledgeable and are there to help you.
  • While urgent care can cost nearly $440, Mira is just $45/mo and offers access to all in-network urgent care clinics.

How Much Does Urgent Care Cost Without Insurance?

When someone has ailments like the flu or cold, it is much more affordable to go to an urgent care clinic as opposed to the emergency room. Because of the high cost of operations (24/7 staffing, expensive equipment, etc), a simple trip to the emergency room could easily cost over $500, with or without insurance.

While urgent care can help you save hundreds of dollars in medical costs and are more convenient, it is difficult to know how much an urgent care visit costs without insurance or with a high deductible health plan. 

Urgent care costs

Reason for VisitPrice without insurance
Acute Bronchitis$127
Sore Throat$95
Pink Eye$123
Urinary Tract Infections$110
Upper Respiratory Infections$110


Because of COVID-19 major insurance carriers are looking at increasing premiums from 4% to 40% which will drive even more people into becoming uninsured.

We surveyed 91 clinics in NYC, SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, and Philadelphia and found that the average cost of an urgent care visit without insurance ranges from $80-280 for a level I visit and $140-440 for a level 2 visit. Here is the 7-step guide we put together to help you better navigate the system and save:

1. Determine If You Need A Level I Or Level II Visit

At most urgent care clinics, there are different levels of service, each with more services and higher costs. 

For example, the treatment for strep throat requires the basic examination visit cost and a fee for extra services like a strep test (this usually adds $30-$40). For conditions that require extra procedures like X-rays, the cost could be much higher, in the neighborhood of $250-$500.

When looking at the cost of urgent care clinics, it is important to locate which level (I or II) you need so that you know what price you will be paying.

As a rule of thumb, infectious diseases like flu, strep, and so on usually fall under basic visits while sports injuries that require X-rays or minor surgeries would fall under advanced visits.

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2. The Average Cost For A Level I Urgent Care Visit Ranges from $80-$280

Half of the urgent care clinics we surveyed used a fee-for-service pricing model and half used a bundle pricing model. Both have their pros and cons but bundle pricing tends to be better for the patient due to the certainty it brings.

On average, the cost of a level I urgent care visit varies as much as 3 times with the majority of urgent care clinics changing between $120 to $160. It is important for you to call and ask beforehand due to the wide range of prices available sometimes within the same zip code.

The average cost of a level I urgent care visit without insurance

3. The Average Cost of A Level II Visit Ranges From $140-$440

For conditions that require additional procedures like sports injuries and minor wounds, you can expect to pay $180 to $240 in total for such visits. We also found a wide range of prices varies as much as 3 times.

On top of that, not all clinics are capable of providing X-rays or have a physician on staff to carry out minor surgeries. For those with bundle pricing, only 56% of clinics with such a pricing model include X-rays in the service.

It is important for you to call and ask if the clinic is capable to provide the service you need and if there is any extra cost associated with the procedure. X-rays for example, often require reading from an external radiologist which could be costly.

The average cost for a level II urgent care visit without insurance

4. Price Differences Across Big Cities

Based on data from 91 urgent care clinics in the six major metropolitans (NYC, Philadelphia, LA, SF Bay Area, Dallas, and Houston), the cost for an urgent care visit without insurance will depend on where you live.

The lowest average price for a level I visit in New York City is $161 while the highest average price for a basic visit is $225 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Within New York City, we were also very surprised that The Bronx has the highest price for uninsured patients while Forest Hills, a residential neighborhood in Queens, NY, has the lowest price.

Price differences across big cities

5. How Do I Save Money At Urgent Care If I Don't Have Insurance?

  • Look up "self-pay" rates: fortunately, websites like Healthcare Bluebook and SolvHealth allow you to get an estimate of how much your urgent care visit is going to cost. Self-pay rate aka cash rate is the charge set by clinics for patients without insurance. It may also be possible to get a payment plan.
  • Call ahead of time: it is always smart to call ahead of time, not only to check for available time slots but also to better understand how the urgent care center charges patients without insurance.
  • Ask the right questions: ask if the clinic has separate charges for the office visit and in-house lab tests or if they have a bundle price. For the latter, make sure you ask if the bundle price also includes options like X-rays and minor wound repair.
  • Be patient and be nice: receptionists at urgent care clinics have to deal with a very high call volume every day and they also juggle many different tasks to keep the clinic running. These professionals are truly there to help you, show some appreciation for what they do and kindly explain to them your situation, they can be much more helpful than you think!

6. What If I Have A High Deductible Health Plan?

If you happen to be covered under a high deductible health plan, instead of paying the self-pay rates, you will be paying what your insurance company negotiated with the provider. This negotiated rate, more often than not, is 30-40% higher than the self-pay rate unless there is a copay.

Let say you have a $5000 deductible and have to pay 100% out-of-pocket until meeting your limit, a level I urgent care visit could cost you anywhere from $180-$300 instead of $130 for self-pay patients.

The good news is under the HITECH Act, "individuals can restrict disclosures to their health plan for services for which they pay 'out of pocket' and in full.

This means you can elect to opt-out of your insurance benefit for certain medical services that you decide to pay out-of-pocket. While we suggest consulting with your insurance plan always, it is also smart to shop around and ask for the best rate then choose accordingly.

7. Alternative Options

Urgent care clinics are not the only way for people without insurance to get care. There are emerging virtual visit services that can provide a basic consult for less than a traditional visit (CVS online visits and Virtuwell visits are both around $50). However, because of the limited scope of virtual visits, doctors aren't able to prescribe tests to better diagnose you for certain conditions like Flu, strep, or UTI.

Mira is a great option for you to get preventative, urgent care, and more - for only $45 a month and a $99 fixed copay regardless of visit reasons. Mira has over 400 partner clinics nationwide and covers a comprehensive list of conditions from flu, strep, UTI, to getting X-rays and EKG.

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