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Emergency Room Visit Cost With And Without Insurance in 2024

Alyssa Corso
Alyssa Corso14 Apr 2024
How Much Does An ER Visit Cost Without Insurance?
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Bottom Line

In the United States, an emergency room visit costs $2,200 on average, according to the most prominent insurance carrier in the U.S., UnitedHealthcare. Sometimes, a visit to the emergency room can exceed these prices since the actual price you pay out of pocket will depend on your condition and the diagnostic tests and treatments you undergo.

Three IMPORTANT things to know about ER Visit Cost:

  1. Total charge = triage fees + facility fees + professional fees + supplies. When you get registered as a patient at the ER, you get charged a triage fee, typically $200-$1000. Next, when you are assigned to a room, you will incur a facility charge of $1,118, covering your time in the room and nurses’ time. Contrary to common beliefs, the attending physician or professional fees are not included within the facility charge and often get billed separately, along with any medications or medical supplies during your visit.
  2. There are 5 acuity (severity) levels; each has a different charge. Depending on the scale from 1 to 5, if you are a level 3 or above, you may have to wait much longer compared to level 1. If you are level 3 (which is most common), you get charged a lot more than someone who is level 5.
  3. Your bill might be reduced if you are eligible for a charity care program. Sometimes hospitals have charity care programs that are income-based. You will get a reduced charge for your ER visits. After your visit, you can access these programs by contacting the hospital patient advocacy department.

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How Much Does An ER Visit Cost Without Insurance?

The price of your ER visit will depend on what types of treatments and medications you receive. For patients without health insurance, an emergency room visit can cost less than $2200. If your treatment is extensive, an ER visit can exceed this price. For instance, in some cases, especially where critical care is required and/or a procedure or surgery is performed, the cost could reach $20,000 or more.

Average Cost of Common Conditions Treated

Common ConditionsEmergency Room Rates
Acute Bronchitis$814
Sore Throat$620
Low Back Pain$751
Attention to Dressing/ Removal of Sutures$343

Average Cost of Common Services

Common ServiceEmergency Room Rates
Chest pain$1,000
Broken bones (including surgery)$10,000

Below is the average price for an ER visit in each state, from lowest to highest. This is the out-of-pocket cost with no health insurance coverage and for a moderate to severe ER visit. 

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