Physical Therapy Costs With and Without Insurance in 2024

Alexis Bryan
Alexis Bryan1 Jan 2024
How Much Physical Therapy Costs Without Insurance
How to Lower Physical Therapy Costs
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Types of Physical Therapy
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Physical therapy is a standard rehabilitation service to help manage pain, improve mobility, and increase strength. You might be referred to a physical therapist for chronic pain management, after an injury, after surgery, or for a neurological disorder. Without insurance, a single physical therapy session can cost you up to $350. 

Physical therapy is often non-negotiable depending on the reason you are going, so to save money on healthcare expenses, many turn to other ways to reduce spending. Mira can save you money on various healthcare services through a monthly membership to access affordable urgent care services, lab tests, and discounted prescription drugs for only $45 per month.

How Much Physical Therapy Costs Without Insurance

Paying for physical therapy without insurance is called an “out-of-pocket” expense. This means that you pay for it directly. Physical therapy starts with a consultation session where the therapist will assess your condition to construct the best plan for your needs. The physical therapist will give you tests to see how well you can walk, climb steps, assess your balance, and others depending on your condition. The first session is more expensive than a typical session, but the physical therapy costs $150 per session on average without insurance.

Physical therapy plans will consist of strength, balance, and sometimes aerobic exercises. After your physical therapist teaches you the basics of your injury and rehabs it, they often advise you to continue the activities at home. To do this, there are additional costs associated with the equipment you might need. 

Cost of Basic Physical Therapy Equipment

Equipment TypeThe approximate cost (varies by brand/type)
Exercise bands$10-$20
Medicine balls$25-$75
Ankle weights$10-$25
Light dumbbell set$30-$40
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