How Much Does CityMD Cost Without Insurance?

Khang T. Vuong, MHA14 Jan 2021

CityMD overview:

Services offered at CityMD locations

CityMD is a full-service urgent care center, which means the facility can take care of a wide range of health conditions including injuries and illnesses, rapid lab tests, women needs, vaccinations, pediatric care, on the job injuries, x-rays, and virtual care. 

CityMD also has an Aftercare program that offers patients the ability to relay medical information back to their primary care provider, assisting with specialist appointments, and generating work notes.

How much does it cost to go to CityMD without insurance?

Our research found that CityMD charges a $200 upfront fee for patients without insurance which covers office visits and minor procedures such as rapid flu or strep test. 

If there are x-rays done in house, patients can expect an additional charge of $100-$200. In case the provider determines that you need more comprehensive lab work (STD or health panel), you can expect to be billed between $200-$600 from the external lab vendor. 

Are there cheaper alternatives to CityMD?

If your income is less than $20,000-$35,000 a year, you can get subsidized care at community health clinics or you also may be qualified for Medicaid - a free government-sponsored health plan program. 

If you make more than $35,000 and are without health insurance, getting a Mira membership can cap your visit copay at $99 regardless of services performed. If you need bloodwork or an STD test, you can skip the line and use Mira’s same-day testing service. 

How much does COVID-19 testing cost at CityMD?

According to CityMD’s website, the urgent care center is currently offering swab tests, antibody tests, and rapid COVID-19 testing at no cost for those with insurance. For uninsured patients, the cost of the test will be covered under the CARES act. 

Our independent research, however, found that there were patients who got billed a few hundred dollars going to CityMD. While the COVID test could be free, if you get a flu or strep test, that would be billed separately. 

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