How Much Does Virtual Primary Care Cost Without Insurance in 2024?

Madeline Hlobik
Madeline Hlobik1 Jan 2024
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The average cost of a virtual primary care visit without health insurance is $79, which is about $92 less than the cost of an office visit without insurance. Telehealth primary care appointments may require more follow-ups, lab testings, and other services than an office visit would require.

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The Cost of Virtual Primary Care

The average cost of a virtual primary care visit is $79 without health insurance; however, this flat rate does not include additional services such as needed prescriptions and outside lab testing.

Below is a list of possible providers that can enable you to consult with a primary care physician virtually. These costs will cover at least 15 minutes of consultation with a physician. In these virtual primary care appointments, physicians can prescribe prescriptions, educate patients on disease prevention techniques, diagnose acute illnesses, manage chronic conditions (like diabetes), and provide mental health support. 

Cost of Virtual Primary Care at Different Providers & Locations

SourceVirtual primary care visit cost
Doctor on Demand$75

Source: Penny Hoarder

In-Person Costs of Virtual Primary Care

There are additional services that may increase the price of your virtual primary care visit. Some of these costs may include in-person requirements such as flu testing or immunizations. When consulting with your primary care provider virtually, it is essential to consider how these additional services will impact the overall cost. 

Flu Test$45
Pap Smear$39 - $125
STI Screening and Treatment$300
Prescription drugs$12.41 - $97.57

Source: Mira

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