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Primary Care Doctor Visit Cost Without Insurance in 2024?

Ashley Brooks
Ashley Brooks1 Jan 2024
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The cost of a primary care visit without insurance generally ranges from $150-$300 for a basic visit and averages $171 across major cities in the United States. For any additional services such as childhood and adult immunizations, lab testing, or prescriptions, there will be additional charges. Finding a primary care physician to monitor your health status during annual check-ups is a great way to reduce the costs of your healthcare later. 

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How Much Does Primary Care Cost?

We called primary care facilities in various cities throughout the United States to get an estimate on the cost for a primary care visit without insurance. The cost of a basic wellness exam ranged from $75 to over $300. Below is the average cost of a basic primary care visit without any additional lab testing, immunizations, or other services. 

Cost of Primary Care Doctor Visit Visit By City

One important thing to note is that this is the cost of an office visit only, any additional procedure and lab test will be extra. For example, if you are in need of a comprehensive bloodwork or routine checkup, an additional cost of $200-$500 might be billed separately by the lab. 

ServicesCost without insurance
New York, NY$149
Houston, TX$169
Miami, FL$160
Los Angeles, CA$190
Denver, CO$189

Data was collected through outreach to multiple primary care facilities across major cities in the United States by the Mira research team.

Additional Costs of Primary Care Visits

The costs are shown in the table above just indicate the base rate for an office visit without any additional services such as immunizations, lab testing for physical exams, PAP smears, and other routine testing. Consider the following costs of additional primary care services when anticipating the costs for primary care out-of-pocket.

Cost of Additional Services at a Primary Care Visit

Procedure TypeAverage Cost of Service
Physical Exam$199
Childhood Immunizations$650
STI Screening and Treatment$300
Pediatric Visit$100
PAP Smear$39-$125

Flu test data was collected through outreach to multiple healthcare facilities across major cities in the United States by the Mira research team.

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