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How Much Does it Cost to Test for Lupus Without Insurance?

Alexandra Thompson
Alexandra Thompson22 Sep 2022
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The most common method to test for lupus is by performing complete blood count (CBC) labs and antinuclear antibody tests (ANA). Without insurance, CBC labs and ANA can cost between $169 and $722. The second testing method for lupus involves performing a skin or kidney biopsy, which can cost between $1,000 and $4,340 without insurance 

What is the Cost of Testing for Lupus without Insurance?

Depending on what testing method or combination of methods your provider uses to diagnose lupus, the cost of care without insurance can be expensive. The chart below outlines testing costs, from initial primary care visit and physical exam to skin or kidney biopsy. 

Cost of Lupus Testing Without Insurance 

Type of Testing Cost 
Primary Care Visit $150-$300 
Physical Exam $50 - $200
Complete Blood Count (CBC) $140 - $622 
Antinuclear Antibody Test (ANA)$29.00 - $159.00 
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Test $400.00 - $770.00
Skin Biopsy $150 - $1,000
Kidney Biopsy$1,824 - $4,340 

Source: Cost Helper 

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