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How Much Does Bloodwork Cost with One Medical?

Jasiah Hasan
Jasiah Hasan16 Mar 2023

The average bloodwork cost with One Medical is approximately $60 per test or more. The price depends on the type of blood test performed, which lab analyzes the test, your insurance, and service fees from One Medical. This cost is in addition to One Medical’s annual membership fee of $199.

Average Cost of Bloodwork with One Medical

Generally speaking, each bloodwork test with One Medical costs about $60 or more. To utilize One Medical’s lab services, you must have had at least one appointment with One Medical. The average price of a first-time visit with One Medical ranges from $175 to $520

Source: Twitter

Factors Affecting the Cost of Bloodwork

One Medical offers on-site laboratory services that do not require an appointment beforehand. The cost of tests depends on your insurance plan. The bill for lab tests comes to you or your insurance from the third-party lab company that processes them.

It is important to note that your labwork bill is in addition to the yearly membership fee of $199 and the cost of a first-time appointment ($175-$520). A few factors influence the cost of the bloodwork tests: the type of blood test performed, which lab analyzes the test, your insurance, and service fees from One Medical. 

Type of Bloodwork

A comprehensive wellness panel usually includes the blood tests outlined in the table below. Mira can help you learn more about what each blood test screens for and why they are significant for your health. 

Blood TestCost Estimate Without InsuranceCost Estimate With Private InsuranceCost Estimate With Medicaid
Complete Blood Count (CBC)$140-622$11$11
Lipid Panel$303-$843$19$19
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)$330-$1309$15$15
Vitamin D$108-$350– 
Thyroid-stimulating hormone$35-$500$24$23
Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)$46-$49– 

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Third-Party Lab Company 

One Medical partners with third-party labs that run the bloodwork tests before reviewing your results and emailing you a report copy. The labs they partner with are:

Your One Medical lab test bill comes directly to you from either Labcorp or Quest. The table below shows the average costs for a comprehensive wellness panel through LabCorp and Quest. Although Quest is more expensive than LabCorp, it offers more tests for its version of the comprehensive wellness panel. 

CompanyName of TestTotal Cost
LabCorpComprehensive Wellness Blood Test$169
QuestComprehensive Health Profile (Standard)$299 + $6 physician fee

Sources: Labcorp, Quest

LabCorp: Comprehensive Wellness Blood Test

To complete this test, you must fast for 12 hours before your blood sample is taken. You should also avoid taking biotin supplements (including vitamin B7, vitamin B8, vitamin H, or coenzyme R) for 72 hours before sample collection. 

Here is what is included in this $169 test:

  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Lipid Panel
  • HbA1c Test
  • Urinalysis (this test is not a bloodwork test and requires a urine sample)

Quest: Comprehensive Health Profile (CHP)

Quest recommends fasting for 8-12 hours to prepare for this test. If you are taking medications, it is essential to check with a healthcare provider to see whether or not they might interfere with the sample collection.

Here is what is included in the $299 CHP:

  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Lipid and Cholesterol Panel
  • Vitamin D Test
  • HbA1c Test
  • High-Sensitivity CRP Test (inflammation marker)
  • Mean Platelet Volume
  • Urinalysis (this test is not a bloodwork test and requires a urine sample)
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Individual Blood Test Costs

If you do not require all the blood tests included in the comprehensive wellness panels or want to avoid a urinalysis, you can purchase individual blood tests.

CompanyName of Test Average Cost
LabcorpCBC $29.00
CMP $49.00
Lipid Panel $59.00
Vitamin D $99.00
ESR – 
Thyroid $89.00
QuestCBC $45.50
CMP $88.07
Lipid Panel $148.10
Vitamin D $230.60
ESR $47.59
Thyroid $241.84

Sources: Labcorp, Quest

One Medical With Insurance

One Medical strongly reiterates that the cost of bloodwork depends on your insurance plan. If you have an insurance plan, the best way to get accurate cost estimates for your One Medical bloodwork fees is to call your insurance provider. Click here to see if your insurance plan is in-network with One Medical. 

You will need a CPT code from your healthcare provider to get accurate pricing for your specific tests. CPT codes are a universal language that healthcare professionals use to code medical services, including lab work. Each test has a unique CPT code that your insurance provider must use to estimate your cost.

Most insurance plans will cover the total bloodwork cost if it falls under preventative care or a physical check-up. You are usually allowed one fully covered physical check-up per year. However, if you get bloodwork done for diagnostic purposes, most insurance plans will not cover your expenses. Instead, your payments go towards your deductible

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One Medical Service Fees

One Medical charges an administrative fee for in-office phlebotomy services. Unfortunately, this fee is not readily known once you go into your appointment.

As seen by the tweet below, One Medical recommends calling or emailing their member advisor team for an estimate of their administrative costs. However, it is still challenging to get accurate pricing information through the listed communication channels. 

Source: Twitter

What To Expect During a One Medical Blood Test

One Medical suggests fasting for 8-12 hours and drinking plenty of water before blood is drawn. During your appointment, the phlebotomist locates your vein, cleans your skin with an alcohol pad, and ties a tourniquet around your upper arm to increase blood flow. You will be asked to make a fist, and the needle will be inserted into your vein.

After the blood draw, the phlebotomist removes the needle and applies pressure against the puncture site to reduce bruising. Bruising and swelling are not uncommon with blood draws. 

One Medical Bloodwork: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following section will answer some frequently asked questions about One Medical and getting your bloodwork done.

Where do I go to get my blood drawn with One Medical?

One Medical provides on-site laboratory visits without the need for an appointment. You can search to see if there are One Medical offices near you and view their hours of operation. It is important to remember that you can only access phlebotomy services once you have had at least one appointment with One Medical. 

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Should I be worried about One Medical being associated with Amazon?

If you feel uncomfortable sharing your medical and labwork information with One Medical and Amazon, read about the company’s HIPAA privacy practices for your region. You can access your region’s information below:

Will One Medical use in-network providers for my healthcare needs? 

If you have insurance, One Medical should only use in-network providers for your healthcare needs. However, it has historically used out-of-network providers for its patients, resulting in hefty out-of-network fees for some members. To avoid paying expensive out-of-network payments, ask if the provider is in your network before going into an appointment.

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Can I pay my membership fee with FSA/HSA?

You cannot cover your One Medical membership fee with your FSA or HSA.

Are there alternatives to One Medical for getting my blood drawn?

Mira is an affordable and accessible alternative to getting your bloodwork done. The table below lists some blood tests that are available to you through Mira: 

Blood TestCost With Mira
Routine bloodwork$0.99
Lipid Panel$25.00
Vitamin D$35.00

Source: Mira

Bottom Line

In general, bloodwork with One Medical is roughly $60 per test or more. The price depends on the type of blood test performed, which lab analyzes the test, your insurance, and service fees from One Medical. This is in addition to One Medical’s annual membership fee of $199 and a first-time appointment ($175-$520).

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