Where to Exercise in NYC During COVID-19 Quarantine

Alyssa Corso
Alyssa Corso14 Aug 2021

New York City is home to many amazing parks. While you may be limited to where you can go during the coronavirus pandemic, fresh air and exercise for a period of time is always a good idea (and benefits your mental and physical health as well as your immune system) as long as you can stay 6-feet apart from others, to prevent the spread. Increasing your heart rate for just thirty minutes a day can help you in numerous ways. In fact, parks are a great way to practice all types of exercise. And whether you're in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, or Queens, you can most definitely find a park that can fit your needs.

As NYC enters phase 4 of reopening, Governor Cuomo has decided to keep indoor gyms and fitness centers closed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. In the meantime, check out some of the parks near you! 

Please note, according to NYC Parks

  • All NYC playgrounds are open. NYC parks is requiring everyone to wear a face covering a stay at least 6 ft from others. If you or your child feels sick, please stay home!
  • Beaches, skate parks, grilling areas, golf courses, and driving ranges have reopened
  • Dog parks have reopened; however, according to the CDC it is recommended that dogs remain on a leash and maintain a 6 foot distance from other people and animals
  • NYC Recriation Centers remain closed - membership will be extended to cover the time of closure
  • Historic houses in the city remain closed
  • Some concession stands remain closed



Central Park

  • Location: 5th Ave To Central Park W, 59 St To 110 St
  • Hours: 6AM-1AM
  • Things to do: Water, trails, biking, energetic, walking, running - avoid using playground
Serious crimes are on the rise in Central Park

Central Park, New York, NY


John V. Lindsay East River Park

  • Location: FDR Dr, New York, NY 10009
  • Hours: 6AM-1AM
  • Things to do: Along the East river; there is a track for running or walking
John V. Lindsay East River Park : NYC Parks

John V. Lindsay East River Park, New York, NY


Fort Tryon Park

  • Location: Riverside Dr To Broadway, New York, NY 10040
  • Hours: 6AM-1AM
  • Things to do: scenic walks, running (NOTE: dog run is cancelled along with other events)
Fort Tryon Park, Washington Heights

Fort Tyron Park, New York, NY


Carl Schurz Park

  • Location: East 86th Street &, East End Ave, New York, NY 10028
  • Hours: 6AM-12AM
  • Things to do: Promenade offers a place to stroll, dog friendly but do not use dog park or playground
Carl Schurz Park : NYC Parks

Carl Shurz Park, New York, NY




Marine Park (Brooklyn's Largest Park!) 

  • Location: Shore Pkwy., Avenue U, Filmore Ave. bet. Brigham St., Gerritsen Ave., and Flatbush Ave.
  • Hours: 6AM-1AM
  • Things to do: Grasslands, walking trails
Marine Park : NYC Parks

Marine Park, Brooklyn, NY


Calvert Vaux Park 

  • Location: Bay 44th St. &, Hunter Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11214
  • Hours: 6AM-1AM
  • Things to do: Waterfronts, wildlife, large fields (playgrounds closed)
Calvert Vaux Park - Wikipedia

Calvert Vaux Park, Brooklyn, NY


Prospect Park 

  • Location: Prospect Park W, Parkside Ave. bet. Flatbush Ave., Ocean Ave. and Prospect Park SW
  • Hours: 5AM-1AM
  • Things to do: Watercourse, open fields, trees, spacious
Prospect Park (Brooklyn) - Wikipedia

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY


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Lincoln Terrace / Arthur S. Somers Park 

  • Location: E New York Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213
  • Hours: 6AM-1AM
  • Things to do: Avoid the playground - there is walking area, grassy fields, and benches to use
Lincoln Terrace / Arthur S. Somers Park : NYC Parks

Lincoln Terrace / Arthur S. Somers Park, Brooklyn, NY


The Bronx


Seton Falls Park 

  • Location: E 233rd St, The Bronx, NY 10466
  • Hours: 6AM-10PM
  • Things to do: Open spaces, 30 acres of naturally preserved land, nature trails
Seton Falls Park : NYC Parks

Seton Falls Park, Bronx, NY


Pelham Bay Park (Largest park in NYC!)

  • Location: Watt Avenue &, Middletown Rd, The Bronx, NY 10465
  • Hours: 6AM-10PM
  • Thing to do: Ton of open spaces and places to walk / exercise
Pelham Bay Park : NYC Parks

Pelham Bay Park, Bronx, NY


Bronx Park 

  • Location: Burke Ave., E. 180 St. bet. Dr. Kazamiroff Blvd., Southern Blvd. and Bronx Park E., Unionport Rd, along Bronx River
  • Hours: 6AM- 10PM
  • Things to do: Home of the Bronx Zoo (CLOSED), but has many bike and walking paths
Bronx Park : NYC Parks

Bronx Park, Bronx, NY


Tremont Park 

  • Location: E 175 St to, E Tremont Ave, The Bronx, NY 10457
  • Hours: 6AM-10PM
  • Things to do: Grassy areas to sit outside
The Bronx Ink | New life being brought to Tremont Park

Tremont Park, Bronx, NY




Astoria Park

  • Location: 19 19th St, Astoria, NY 11105
  • Hours: 6AM‚Äì9PM
  • Things to do: trails, scenic walks, beautiful sights
Astoria Park: Activities & Attractions in Queens

Astoria Park, Queens, NY


Rockaway Community Park 

  • Location: Conch Pl. &, Edgemere Park Rd, Far Rockaway, NY 11691
  • Hours: 6AM- 10PM
  • Things to do: Lot‚Äôs of wildlife, great for nature lovers
Rockaway Beach and Boardwalk Map : NYC Parks

Rockaway Community Park, Queens, NY


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Hermon A. MacNeil Park 

  • Location: Poppenhusen Ave, College Point, NY 11356
  • Hours: 6AM-9PM
  • Thing to do: Waterfront park, play grounds closed, scenic
Hermon A. MacNeil Park : NYC Parks

Hermon A. MacNeil Park, Queens, NY


Forest Park 

  • Location: Myrtle Ave, Woodhaven, NY 11421
  • Hours: 6AM-9PM
  • Things to do: Hiking paths, large fields, ‚Äúathletes playground‚Äù ; some things may be closed
Queens' Forest Park Trust will receive innovative resources in ...

Forest Parks, Queens, NY


Staten Island


Willowbrook Park 

  • Location: 1 Eton Pl, Staten Island, NY 10314
  • Hours: 6AM-1AM
  • Things to do: Note that some facilities and amenities (dog park, play ground) will be closed, but the hiking trails and fields should be open
Willowbrook Park : NYC Parks

Willowbrook Park, Staten Island, NY


Blue Heron Park

  • Location: Poillon Ave, Staten Island, NY 10312
  • Hours: 6AM-1AM
  • Things to do: Hiking trails, lakes, wildlife
Blue Heron Park : NYC Parks

Blue Heron Park, Staten Island, NY


High Rock Park 

  • Location: 200 Nevada Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314
  • Hours: 6AM-1AM
  • Things to do: Known for its ponds, walking and hiking trails, great views, and is ‚Äúone of the most tranquil places in NYC‚Äù, 6 walking trails
High Rock Park : NYC Parks

High Rock Park, Staten Island, NY


Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk and Beach 

  • Location: Fr Capodanno Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10306
  • Hours: 6AM-1AM
  • Things to do: 2.5 mile boardwalk and beach area
Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk and Beach : NYC Parks

Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk and Beach, Staten Island, NY


Ocean Breeze Park 

  • Location: Mason Avenue &, Quintard St, Staten Island, NY 10305
  • Hours: 6AM-1AM
  • Things to do: 110 acre park with lots of room to walk around
Ocean Breeze Park : NYC Parks

Ocean Breeze Park, Staten Island, NY

For more information regarding parks in NYC, visit NYC Parks.

Alyssa Corso

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