How Much Does a Diabetes Screening Test Cost Without Insurance in 2024?

Jacqueline Slobin
Jacqueline Slobin1 Jan 2024
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Several tests can screen for type 2 diabetes, including an A1C, random blood sugar test, fasting blood sugar test, and oral glucose tolerance test. These tests help to detect when your blood glucose levels are too high, indicating impaired glucose regulation in the body. 

The price of diabetes screening can range greatly depending on where you get tested. With a Mira membership, the cost of an A1C test is only $19. Mira members also get access to lab testing, urgent care, and prescriptions at a low cost. Sign up today and order your screening.

The Cost of a Diabetes Screening Cost Without Insurance 

Generally, the cost of each test to screen for diabetes falls between $23 and $67 if paying without insurance. However, you may also need to pay a visit fee to get tested that generally ranges from $100-$200. In some cases, your provider may only think it is necessary to get one test, while in other situations, your provider may suggest getting multiple tests. 

The cost of diabetes screening depends on several factors, including where you get tested, what tests you receive, and your insurance status. 

The Cost of a Diabetes Screening Test at Different Healthcare Providers

You have several options regarding where you can get tested. These options include pharmacies, laboratory facilities, at-home tests, urgent care facilities, doctor’s offices, and hospitals. Below are the prices of tests at some locations that offer diabetes screening. 

Healthcare ProviderCost
PharmaciesCVS Pharmacy Minute Clinic offers a fasting blood glucose test to screen for diabetes for $59-$69 without insurance.
Laboratory FacilitiesLabcorp and Quest Diagnostics offer several tests to screen for diabetes as well. Each test typically ranges from around $25 to $48.
MiraWith a Mira membership, you can get your A1C levels checked for only $19.00. Members also get other lab tests for discounted rates, such as lipid panels, health panels, and STD panels
At-home Lab TestsPixel by Labcorp offers the A1C test for $33, and LetsGetChecked offers the A1C test for $49. You can also buy an at-home A1C test kit from CVS for $43
Urgent Care CentersYou will likely be charged a visit fee, typically $100-$200, and will need to pay for the cost of the tests. However, getting these tests at urgent care or doctor’s office may be helpful, as your health care provider can help you make a treatment plan or prescribe medication if your results are abnormal.
HospitalsIf you are not feeling sick and would like to get a routine test, going to a hospital will likely be the most expensive option. If you would like to get screened for type 2 diabetes, urgent care facilities and doctor’s offices will be much more affordable in most cases. However, if you are experiencing a life-threatening situation or emergency, you should always call 911 and go to your nearest emergency room.
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