What is Medicaid & Who Qualifies?

Talor Bianchini
Talor Bianchini23 Aug 2022
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Medicaid is health care coverage for low-income individuals, pregnant women, people with disabilities, children and their families, and the elderly. The program is funded by both the federal and state government and provides a wide range of benefits. 

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What Medicaid Is

Medicaid is federal and state-funded healthcare coverage that is provided to over 74 million Americans. As part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), low-income individuals and families are granted low-cost health insurance. In the past, this option was only available to those living with a very low income. 

Still, because of its recent expansion, Medicaid now covers those living within 138% of the poverty level in most states. Each state operates differently and is sometimes referred to with different names, like ‘Medical Assistance.’ 

States With Expanded Medicaid as of July 2021

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

The goal of Medicaid is to increase the amount of coverage in the U.S. and the quality of care offered to and keep people healthy and avoid costly procedures down the road. The Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS) works closely with states to try and eliminate health disparities across the board. Medicaid expansion implemented in 2016 has vastly improved the previous services. According to The Department of Health and Human Services, 93% of those under managed care plans reported being very or somewhat satisfied with their coverage. 

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provides more affordable health insurance for children whose families are not eligible for Medicaid due to their annual income. Even if a family is not eligible to receive Medicaid, oftentimes, they don’t make enough money to buy a quality private health insurance plan that will cover them and their family. All state Medicaid programs offer CHIP, and some even cover pregnant women. 

Routine well visits and dental checkups are covered under the program, but there may be additional copayments or even monthly premiums in some states. In general, you won’t pay any more than 5% of your annual income for CHIP health coverage. Benefits vary across each state, but all are required to provide prescriptions, vision care, laboratory and x-ray screenings, and immunizations. 

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