Places To Get a Mammogram in NYC Without Insurance

Regine Roquia
Regine Roquia12 Oct 2022
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Early detection and diagnosis are the best protection against breast cancer, but navigating where to get services without insurance can be difficult. Several different types of mammograms can cost up to $500+ without insurance. With October being breast cancer awareness month, it’s a perfect time to know your options and get screened.

Where can I go to get a free mammogram in NYC without insurance?

Deciding when to get a mammogram is different for each person based on factors surrounding age, genetic predisposition, and more. This article outlines five places to get a mammogram in New York City without insurance under programs that promote access to care and preventative services for individuals who meet the defined criteria.

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Regine Roquia

Regine Roquia is a Masters of Public Health Candidate at New York University studying Public Health Policy & Management. She is passionate about creating the culture she wishes to see by working to increase health literacy.

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