How to Remain Mindful when Eating During the Holiday Season

Shandra Ahsan
Shandra Ahsan14 Dec 2022
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The holiday season is a wonderful time of year accompanied by a wonderful assortment of food and sweet treats. Naturally, we indulge in foods that we would not normally indulge in any other time of year, and we practice eating habits specific to the holiday season. 

Eating differently on special occasions is expected, and eating a little bit more than usual is a part of celebrating with our friends and families. However, for people who are trying to maintain healthy eating habits or those who struggle with their relationship with food, holiday meals can be particularly challenging. Mindful eating is a tool that can help you make better choices during the holiday season. 

What is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating focuses on listening to your body’s thoughts and feelings about food. This attention and awareness of your body’s needs help establish a healthier relationship with food by encouraging you to make choices that will satisfy and nourish you. 

Practicing mindfulness in general, helps you be present in the moment and be more aware of your situation and choices instead of reacting to them retroactively. When engaging in mindfulness, you focus on the present moment rather than on the past or the future. Mindful eating focuses on your present eating experience and helps you overcome the guilt that can often come with overeating. 

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Shandra Ahsan

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