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Virtual Mental health Therapy Cost With and WIthout Insurance

Talor Bianchini
Talor Bianchini24 Oct 2023
The Cost of Different Virtual Therapy Services
Factors that Influence the Cost of Virtual Therapy 
Virtual Therapy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Bottom Line 

Virtual therapy is an increasingly popular service because of its accessibility and more affordable cost when compared to in-person visits. Without insurance, virtual therapy costs an average of $49.45 - $77.50 per week, or about $198 - $310 each month. The cost may be affected by the number of sessions you need and the kind of services you are receiving. 

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The Cost of Different Virtual Therapy Services

There are many virtual therapy options available, and each comes with different benefits. We created a list of five popular services and researched each of their average weekly costs. The prices listed below are without the help of insurance or any other discount programs. On average, we found that virtual therapy costs anywhere from $49.45 - $77.59 each week. The cost may vary depending on the type of service you receive and how many sessions you require each month. 

It is also important to note that prices can be significantly higher depending on the type of specialist you see and the type of therapy you receive. In addition, if you choose to see a therapist privately rather than signing up for a program, you can be charged anywhere from $100 - $500 for a one-hour session. 

Cost of Different Virtual Therapy Services Without Insurance


Virtual Therapy Cost Without Insurance


$60-90 per week


$79-99 per week


$64.75-81.25 per week


$18.75 per week

Rethink My Therapy

$24.75-39.75 per week

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