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How Much Does Nexplanon (Birth Control Implant) Cost Without Insurance in 2024?

Talor Bianchini
Talor Bianchini1 Jan 2024
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Nexplanon is a long-term implant used to avoid pregnancy. Without insurance, Nexplanon costs about $1,030.64. This price will also be affected by the insertion and removal cost, as well as a standard OB/GYN office visit. 

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The Cost of Nexplanon

Nexplanon is a type of birth control for women. It is inserted in the arm and lasts up to three years. It is manufactured by Organon, who currently makes the only available form of the implant. The listing price on their website is $1,030.64, as of August 2021. This is the price it is sold to wholesalers or purchasers in the United States, and most likely does not reflect the out-of-pocket cost you will pay, which is ultimately determined by insurance. 

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) covers the cost of one type of birth control of any of the FDA-approved contraceptive methods. If you have insurance, no copay or coinsurance will be paid, even if your deductible hasn’t been met. Medicaid covers the cost of Nexplanon, but only 25 states have extended coverage to family planning services. Therefore, if you don’t have insurance, or qualify for Medicaid, you could face high costs, for a Nexplanon implant. 

Cost of Nexplanon Insertion Procedure at Various Clinics


Cost of Nexplanon Insertion

Atlanta Midtown Gynecology, Atlanta, Georgia


Helen E. Rhodes, MD Office and Surgical Gynecology, Webster, Texas


Denver Family Medicine, Denver, Colorado


CityWorld Family Clinic, Clinton, Maryland


The insertion of Nexplanon is a minor surgical procedure. Your doctor will insert the device into your non-dominant upper arm. You should be able to feel the rod under your skin after the procedure. It is typically inserted during the first five days of your period and begins working almost immediately. Your doctor will advise you to wear a bandage for about three to five days after the procedure. 

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