How Much Does Cataract Surgery Cost Without Insurance in 2024?

Talor Bianchini
Talor Bianchini1 Jan 2024
The Cost of Cataract Surgery
Additional Costs of Cataract Surgery
Factors that Influence the Cost of Cataract Surgery
Cataract Surgery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Bottom Line 

Cataract surgery is a corrective vision surgery that replaces the lens of your eye. Basic cataract surgery is typically covered under private insurance and Medicare, but add-ons can increase the out-of-pocket costs. On average, we found that laser-assisted cataract surgery costs $2,338.40 per eye. This cost can be affected by the type of lens replacement, the technology used, and the surgeon’s experience level. 

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The Cost of Cataract Surgery

We collected data from five different clinics around the United States to get a cost estimate of cataract eye surgery. On average, we found that laser-assisted cataract surgery costs $2,338.40 per eye. The cheapest option was found at Byrd & Wyandotte Eye Clinic in Downriver Detroit, Michigan for only $1,195 per eye. 

The information in the table below was obtained directly from the clinic websites. The listed cost is only for the price of one eye, so you will face additional charges if you have cataracts in both eyes. This cost includes the surgeon, anesthesia, and consultation fees that are associated with the surgery. 

Cost of Cataract Surgery at Different Clinics & Locations


Laser Cataract Surgery Cost Without Insurance (Per Eye)

NV Eye Surgery, Henderson, Nevada


LA Sight, Los Angeles, California


Byrd & Wyandotte Eye Clinic, Downriver Detroit, Michigan


Rochester Eye & Laser Center, Rochester, New York


Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction, Phoenix, Arizona


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