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How Much Does a Nutritionist Cost in 2023 without Insurance??

Sophie Wei
Sophie Wei19 Dec 2022

Nutritionists or registered dietitian nutritionists (RDN) can be a beneficial resource to consult if you are looking to develop and more healthy and safe eating plan. Many patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc., will opt for a nutritionist to help them choose foods to manage their condition better. However, these visits can be a significant expense, especially if uninsured. A nutritionist consultation can cost anywhere from $100-200 per visit in the U.S. 

The Cost of a Nutritionist Consultation Without Insurance

Nutritionist consultations can vary in price depending on location, licensing/certification, and appointment type. The following chart outlines the costs of nutritionist counseling services across the country.

Nutritionist Consultation Prices By Location 

Facility LocationPrice
NYC Nutritionist New York, NY 
  • $250: Initial appointment (60 minutes)
  • $125: Follow-up appointment (30 minutes)
Chicago Nutrition Clinic Chicago, IL 
  • $180: Initial consultation
  • $80: Follow-up appointment
Nutrition Therapy and Wellness Dallas, TX
  • $175: Initial appointment (75-85 minutes)
  • $150: Follow-up appointment (55 minutes)
Emily’s Balanced Table San Francisco, CA 
  • Free initial consultation (20 minutes)
  • $200: Intake appointment (1 hour)
  • $100: Check-up appointment (30 minutes)
  • $150: Follow-up appointments (45 minutes)

When You Should See a Nutritionist  

There are many reasons you could benefit from nutrition counseling. Nutritionists can be an excellent resource for individuals with chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or obesity. For these patients, a nutritionist can provide safe eating plans that can help to manage these conditions alongside medication use. Registered dietitians know how to lose or gain weight safely and design a realistic personalized diet plan while also factoring in your preferences and needs. 

Nutritionists can also be helpful for individuals working through eating disorders or other mental illnesses that might affect an individual’s diet. Nutritionists can counsel patients with disordered eating to help them achieve a healthy weight and diet plan. 

Healthy individuals might also opt for nutritionist counseling. People who are training for fitness-related events such as marathons might consult a nutritionist as a part of their training plan. Additionally, people trying to start a new diet can benefit from diet consultations.

Registered Dietitians 

There are different types of licensing for nutritionists and dietitians. Anyone can call themselves a Nutritionist or Dietician, but the most reliable providers will have board-certified licensing. Several other boards can certify nutritionists. Some are certifications are listed below: 

  • Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC)
  • Board Certification in Holistic Nutrition (BCHN)
  • Certified Nutritional Professional (CNP)
  • Certified Nutritional Specialist (CNS)
  • Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN)

It is important to look out for these certifications when choosing a new dietician or nutritionist. These certifications tell you that a particular provider has completed an exam or schooling that backs up their credentials and work.

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What to Expect at a Consultation

During your first dietician consultation, your provider will likely ask you questions about your diet and your reason for contacting them. They will likely ask you about your current diet, your food preferences and routines, your general medical history, any medications that you may take, and if you have any severe health conditions. Usually, initial consultations can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the clinic. 

In general, you can expect nutritionists to offer any of the following services: 

  • Personalized nutrition counseling
  • Meal planning
  • Laboratory testing/blood work
  • Recipe modification
  • Nutrition education

Insurance Coverage of Nutritionists

Whether or not your nutrition consultation visit is covered by your insurance will vary depending on your type of insurance, the reason for the consultation, and the clinic itself. Several clinics do not take any type of insurance, which means that all patients will have to pay out-of-pocket. 


Government-funded healthcare programs like Medicare might cover nutrition consultations based on the reason for the consultation. For instance, patients who require dialysis will be fully covered when they visit a dietitian for counseling. However, Medicare will likely not cover your visit if you are going for reasons other than renal disease/kidney failure. 

Private Insurance Plans 

Private insurance plans will differ drastically regarding nutrition consultations. For those clinics that accept insurance, some patients might be fully covered, whereas some patients might have to pay for the visit completely out-of-pocket. Your coverage will depend on the type of service you are receiving and certain diagnoses.

Receiving a diagnosis that requires a nutritionist consultation will increase the chances of your visit being fully or partially covered by insurance. Make sure you speak with your primary care physician before consulting a nutritionist. Some clinics will provide you with a superbill which you can then bring to your provider for reimbursement. A superbill is essentially a receipt that allows patients to bill their insurance company directly. 

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Nutritionist Costs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you better understand what a nutritionist does and how they can help you. 

What are nutritionist specialties? 

If you are looking for a very specific type of care from a nutritionist, registered dietician nutritionists (RDNs) have multiple areas of specialization where they can hold extra credentials. RDNs can specialize in the following areas: 

  • Gerotonological Nutrition (CSG)
  • Sports Dietetics (CSSG)
  • Pediatric Nutrition (CSP)
  • Renal Nutrition (CSR)
  • Oncology Nutrition (CSO)

When looking for a nutrition specialist, look out for the extra credentials/certifications listed above in addition to an RDN license. This will help you verify that you will receive the best possible quality of care. 

Can nutritionists/dietitians prescribe medications? 

Even registered nutritionists and dietitians cannot prescribe you certain medications. Only licensed doctors with an MD degree can write prescriptions. However, registered nutritionists and dietitians can recommend certain over-the-counter supplements and other medicines that you can then bring to your primary care physician to discuss. Most nutritionists will likely recommend you take dietary supplements, including vitamins and minerals that can help boost your nutrition and diet. 

Can an RDN help me lose weight? Can they prescribe weight-loss pills? 

As long as the reasons behind why you want to lose weight are medically sound, your dietician can help you set realistic goals for weight loss and management. A dietician can help you lose weight safely by understanding your food and exercise habits and motivating you to cut back on unhealthy foods and lifestyle choices. 

RDNs cannot prescribe weight-loss pills; however, RDNs can recommend these medications to you or your primary care physician to consider implementing them into your medication regimen. It is essential to be wary of dietitians who recommend weight-loss pills early on in your consultation because these drugs often come with various side effects and very modest benefits.  

Bottom Line 

Ultimately, depending on your condition and needs, a nutritionist consultation can cost on anywhere from $100-$200 per consultation. Working with a nutritionist can be a great option for improving your overall diet and nutrition. However, it is important to have realistic expectations and reasonable goals while also understanding the costs of these services. 

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Sophie Wei

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