Home Treatments for Cluster Headaches

Alexandra Thompson
Alexandra Thompson17 Mar 2023
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Cluster headaches are a severe type of headache that can occur in a “cluster period,” ranging from a certain number of days to months. While cluster headers are non-life threatening, they can be very painful. Fortunately, some home treatments, such as deep breathing exercises and melatonin, can ease cluster headache symptoms. 

Home Remedies for Cluster Headaches  

A few home treatments can ease cluster headaches and related symptoms. It's important to note that alternative treatment options lack substantial research regarding their effectiveness. Below are a few options that are currently available. 


Melatonin is a bodily hormone that regulates your sleeping patterns and is also available as an over-the-counter supplement. People who experience cluster headaches often have lower melatonin levels. Therefore, they might benefit from a melatonin supplement.  

When taken before bedtime, traditional melatonin supplement doses range between 10 and 25 milligrams, which can help prevent cluster headaches.

Deep Breathing Exercises  

Oxygen therapy is one of the more popular treatments for cluster headaches. This treatment method increases the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream, calms your body, and manages pain.  

Deep breathing exercises are a common way to calm your mind and body and regulate your oxygen flow. Common stress-relieving techniques include box and pursed lip breathing. 


Low magnesium levels are commonly associated with certain headaches, including cluster headers. Therefore a magnesium supplement or increasing consumption of food high in magnesium might work to reduce your cluster headache symptoms.  

If you consider implementing a magnesium supplement, talk to your doctor beforehand. 

Capsaicin Cream  

Capsaicin is a compound naturally found in peppers that possess pain-relieving properties. The Capsaicin compound influences the communication of neurotransmitters that signal feelings of pain to the brain. Therefore the compound reduces the perception of pain. 

You purchase Capsaicin cream over the counter and gently applied to the inside of your nose with a cotton swab. 

Although home remedies might ease your symptoms, you must consult your physician to find a formal treatment plan that is right for you. 

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