Healthfirst Gold vs. MVP Health Care Gold - Reviews & Which one is best?

Mira Research Team
Mira Research Team20 Jan 2021
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With the open enrollment period fast approaching, many of you will find yourself comparing health insurance plans ahead of signing up for coverage through 2021. As you may already be aware, there are four different tiers of insurance coverage, starting with bronze. The next three tiers are made up of metals, silver, gold, and platinum, the latter of which is the highest possible level of individual coverage.  


What Does A Gold Plan Include?

Given that a gold insurance plan is just below the highest possible tier, you can rightly expect to have the vast majority of your medical expenses covered by this type of plan. In fact, under the Affordable Care Act, gold plans have to cover about 80% of your medical expenses.


Is a Gold Plan The Right Fit For Me? 

The big advantage of a gold plan is that your care costs (e.g. copays and deductibles) remain low. The downside is that your monthly premium will be higher to reflect those increased costs.  

If you need frequent access to care, then a gold plan is a good idea for you. This is well suited to individuals who suffer from chronic conditions, as it will help to keep your medical expenses in-check in exchange for a higher monthly upfront fee. You can learn more about the metal tiers, and other information on choosing the best health insurance here.


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