Travel Restrictions In Each State

Mira Research Team
Mira Research Team25 Jan 2021
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Travel Risks During COVID-19

If you decide to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, consider the risks of your means for traveling. Traveling on a plane (or any air travel), bus, train, car, and RV may include certain behaviors that have different levels of risk. Here are some things to consider: 


  • May be in close contact with others while waiting in lines, going through security, and sitting on the plane - social distancing may not be possible
  • May need to take a taxi or public transit to get to and from the airport
  • The risk of getting COVID-19 through the air on an airplane is very low due to the circulation 

Bus and train 

  • May be in close proximity to others based on seating location for the duration of your ride - social distancing may not be possible 


  • Although you are not at risk while in the car with members of your household, making stops for gas, food, and bathroom breaks may put you into contact with other people and contaminated surfaces 


  • Staying at RV parks for the night or getting gas could put you into contact with other people and contaminated surfaces


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