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Costco Health Insurance: What it is & What it Costs

Madeline Hlobik
Madeline Hlobik11 Aug 2022
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Costco is a consumer hub with various offerings; food samples, toiletries, realtor insurance policies, and health insurance. Costco has a health insurance plan and marketplace where clients can view and compare prices for different health insurance lines. To do this, Costco recently merged with Custom Benefits Consultants, Inc (CBC). The average monthly cost for Costo Health Insurance ranges between $335 and $712, depending on what state you live in.

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What Costco Health Insurance is

Costco health insurance is a relatively cheaper way to access healthcare for the unemployed or self-employed. To purchase Costco health insurance, you must be a Costco member. From here, you have access to buy Costco health insurance through well-known providers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield or Oscar. By being a Costco member, you will have access to additional discounts or benefits on some of these plans.

Costco initially partnered with Aetna for their health insurance line, as Aetna handled all policy writing. Additionally, it was supposed to be utilized mainly as a way for small business owners to simplify their company. Costco has now partnered with the CBC, an insurance broker whose role is to match Costco member business owners with the leading medical insurance providers who offer health insurance plans. Because of this, Costco health insurance can now be provided. Thus individuals, families, and both large and small businesses. 

Since joining forces with the CBC, they have also created a “marketplace” for Costco members. Through this marketplace, members can view unique plans and get a quote online; this has eased obtaining healthcare for many Costco members, as it allows them to compare different plans and prices on one platform.

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