Testosterone Shots Cost With and Without Insurance?

Gavin Oxley
Gavin Oxley24 Oct 2023
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Depending on the route through which the testosterone is administered, testosterone boosts can cost anywhere from as low as $40 to as high as $500. These prices may or may not include the necessary care and monitoring associated with testosterone boosters. While these prices may be high, there are often ways in which these boosters can become more affordable.

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The Cost of Testosterone Shots Without Insurance

The price of testosterone shots ranges between $40- $400. 

The cost for other testosterone boosters ranges between $40- $500. When consulting price tables for testosterone boosters, remember that the price can vary based on region, the method in which the testosterone is administered, dosage, and the frequency each booster is administered. 

But being educated on the average prices and methods available may be able to save you money if your doctor tries to prescribe a more expensive treatment method unnecessarily.

Average Cost of Testosterone Boosters Without Insurance

Method of AdministrationAverage Price Without Insurance
Injection/ Shot$40-$400
Oral Tablet$100-$300
Dermal Patches$200-$500
Buccal Systems$200-$500

Types of Testosterone Shots

  • Testosterone Cypionate: One of the most common forms of testosterone injections, it's typically administered every 1-2 weeks. This is an oil-based injection, and it's meant for intramuscular use.
  • Testosterone Enanthate: Another common form, testosterone enanthate is similar in structure to testosterone cypionate. The frequency of administration is usually every 1-2 weeks, and it's also oil-based and meant for intramuscular use.
  • Testosterone Propionate: This is a faster-acting form of testosterone and requires more frequent injections, typically every 2-3 days. It's less commonly used due to the frequent injection schedule.
  • Testosterone Undecanoate: This is a longer-acting form of testosterone that can be administered every 10-14 weeks, making it convenient for those who prefer less frequent shots. However, it requires a specialized healthcare setting for administration.
Type of TestosteroneBrand Name (if applicable)Size of Vial/DosePrice Range
Testosterone CypionateGeneric10ml vial$20 - $100
  100mg/mlVaries based on pharmacy
  200mg/mlVaries based on pharmacy
Testosterone EnanthateGeneric10ml vial$50 - $150
Testosterone UndecanoateAveedSingle dose$1,000 or more
Testosterone PropionateNot specifiedNot specifiedVaries based on availability
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