5 Best Last-Minute Gifts For Millennials - 2020 Holiday Season

Mira Research Team
Mira Research Team27 Jan 2021

With no time left to run to the store or place that final Amazon order, it’s time to turn to our digital gift guide of 2020. Here are some of the easiest and thoughtful gifts you can send to someone just in time for the holidays. 

As we are resuming to normal in 2021, certain things will change and we have carefully curated a gift guide that will help you help your loved ones put the best foot forward in the new years. 


Fitness junky: Peloton Membership

Everything you need to know about the Peloton Digital Membership - Insider

Quarantine 15? You are not alone. Though things could resume back to “normal” as early as Q3 2021, it is certain that many will make getting fit a goal for the new years. 

For this year, the winner of this category is Peloton. The Peloton Digital Membership gives you access to thousands of live and on-demand classes anywhere, anytime, with or without equipment. It includes a diverse selection of indoor cycling, running, walking, boot camp, strength, and outdoor (audio-only) classes.

  • How much does it cost: $12.99 a month with 30 days free.
  • How to get it: Click here.


Wellness lover: Headspace

Are you or someone you know looking to de-stress this holiday season? Meditation (especially virtually through apps) has become increasingly popular and is easy to do as a family or by yourself. For those who are looking for a gift from the heart, Headspace is the gift they never knew they needed.

Headspace has hundreds of guided meditations anchored toward everything from stress and anxiety to productivity and exercise, providing an excuse for much-needed breaks throughout the day to get back into the right headspace. Gift a monthly subscription for $12.99 per month or a year for $69.99.

  • How much does it cost: $12.99 per month or a year for $69.99
  • How do I get it: Click here.


Health Image

Get Mira - Health Benefits You Can Afford.

Get doctor visits, lab tests, prescription, and more. Affordable copays. Available in 45+ states. Only $45/month on average.

Health nut: Mira Health Membership (special promotion)

Nothing is better than giving the gift of health. Did you know the majority of college students and college grads avoid STD testing and other medical care out of fear the claim will show up in their parents' health insurance statement? 

Mira is a new kind of health benefit that is both affordable and completely independent of your family health insurance. For $45/month, Mira members can get unlimited affordable urgent care visits, lab tests (health pannel and STD panel), prescriptions, and even gym membership discounts at over 10,000 gyms. 

  • How much does it cost: $45/month-to-month or $300 paid annually ($25/month).
  • How do I get it: text us at 872-222-8505 to get a gift card for your loved ones. If you make a purchase before January 1, 2021, you can get a $300 annual membership gift card for only $250.


Homebody: Disney + Subscriptions

We can assume every homebody already has access to the streaming service essentials like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. But do they have the newest player in the game?  Disney Plus streams shows and movies from Disney franchises, including Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar, and all the family-friendly movies and animation from Disney itself. 

Send someone a year of access to Disney+ with a Disney+ Gift Subscription Card. The cards are just $69.99 and make it easy to deliver a one-year subscription to anyone on your last-minute list.

  • How much does it cost: $69.99 for a year subscription.
  • How do I get it: Click here


Health Image

Virtual care for only $25 per visit

Virtual primary care, urgent care, and behavioral health visits are only $25 with a Mira membership.

Aspiring Chef: MasterClass Membership

Survey: Cooking at home will become the new normal post-pandemic

What better time to sharpen your cooking skills than right now? With lessons from, well famous chefs, MasterClass allows you to get up close and personal and learn from some of the best chefs in the world.

With MasterClass, you can start and stop each class on your own schedule and download workbooks for offline reading. Some classes also offer the chance to ask the instructors questions. Right now they have a 2-for-1 holiday offer! You can get 2 annual memberships for $180.

  • How much does it cost: 2 annual memberships for $180.
  • How do I get it: Click here.


The Fashionista: Nuuly

Nuuly, URBN's New Clothing Rental Subscription Service, Just Launched

Without a doubt, we all know someone who has a closet that’s overflowing with clothes. What better way to spice up your wardrobe than with a clothing rental service? If you don’t like what you were sent, go ahead and send it right back. Urban Outfitters created their own clothing rental service called Nuuly. You can play around with hundreds of styles before you choose up to 6 clothing items. 

Here’s how it works: Choose up to six items to get shipped right to your door in two days for free every month. If you don’t like a style, you can return it at no cost to you. When you find a winner, buy it and love it forever. Nuuly costs $88/month for a monthly membership. Laundry and dry cleaning are included, there are no late fees or damage fees, and you can cancel anytime.

  • How much does it cost: $88/month for a monthly membership.
  • How do I get it: Click here.


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