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Where & How To Get A COVID-19 Vaccine In Staten Island?

Mira Research Team
Mira Research Team25 Mar 2021

Quick Digest: 

  • Staten Island, NY is currently in phase 1b of Covid-19 vaccine distribution, allowing people ages 65 and older, grocery workers, and other essential employees to get the vaccine. 42,220 residents of Richmond County (Staten Island) have both their first and second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. New York State is predicted to reach herd immunity by March 2022.
  • Due to a shortage of vaccine supply in Staten Island, some sites are closed or have limited availability.
  • There are multiple ways to receive the Covid-19 vaccine in Staten Island, including hospitals & medical centers, pharmacies, urgent care centers, “PODs”, and medical centers.


Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine in Staten Island

The Covid-19 vaccine produced by Pfizer and Moderna is being administered in the United States. Below is some important information to know about the COVID-19 vaccines: 

  • Both of the vaccines are 94% effective in preventing COVID-19.
  • The vaccines or mRNA vaccines; not live virus vaccines.
  • Two doses of the vaccines are required in order to build an adequate immune response. The Pfizer doses must be administered 21 days apart from one another and Moderna doses must be administered 28 days apart.
  • It's essential that the second dose you get is the same brand as the first dose.
  • The immune response will take complete effect about 10 days after the second dose; however, it is still extremely important to continue social distancing and to wear a mask in public after receiving the vaccine.


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This is where you can receive a COVID-19 vaccine in Staten Island

The Covid-19 vaccine is available in Staten Island, NY for those who qualify in phases 1a and 1b. 

Once you’re eligible, you can schedule an appointment.


Rite Aid
43 Amboy Rd., Eltingville
Click here for an appointment

Costco Pharmacy
2975 Richmond Ave., New Springville
Click here for an appointment


Urgent Care

NYC Health+Hospitals Gotham Health/Vanderbilt clinic
165 Vanderbilt Ave., Clifton
Click here for an appointment

Health Image

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GoHealth Urgent Care
4316 Amboy Road, Eltingville
For an appointment, call 929-282-4146 or click here

Metro Community Health Center 
2324 Forest Ave.; 855-624-2692

Advantage Care Physicians
1050 Clove Road, Sunnyside; 866-749-2660

Advantage Care Physicians
4771 Hylan Blvd., Annadale; 866-749-2660


Hospitals or Medical Centers

Staten Island Community Veteran Clinic
1150 South Ave., Bloomfield
Call 877-877-9267 for an appointment; opening Jan. 26, veterans only

Richmond University Medical Center
355 Bard Ave., West Brighton
Call 718-818-3193 for an appointment

Beacon Christian Community Health Center
2079 Forest Ave., Mariners Harbor
Click here for an appointment

Community Health Center of Richmond
135 Canal St., Stapleton

Community Health Center of Richmond
235 Port Richmond Ave., Port Richmond

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Community Health Center of Richmond
439 Port Richmond Ave., Port Richmond

Bay Street Health Center
57 Bay St., St. George; 929-459-2255


PODs (Points of Dispensing Sites)

Staten Island Technical High School
485 Clawson St., New Dorp
Click here for an appointment

Susan Wagner High School
1200 Manor Rd., Sea View; city workers only

Port Richmond High School
85 St. Joseph’s Ave., Port Richmond


The COVID-19 vaccine is available in Staten Island for all who qualify in Phase 1a & 1b

Staten Island is currently in phase 1b of vaccinations. The following people are currently eligible to get vaccinated: 

  • Older adults (people ages 65+)
  • Grocery employees
  • First Responders & Support Staff for First Responder Agencies
  • Corrections employees
  • P-12 Schools, College, Child Care, and Early Intervention
  • Public transit employees
  • People working or living in homeless shelters
  • Other Residential Programs & Supportive Housing

Read more about eligibility in NYC here.


How Much Will The COVID-19 Vaccine Cost In Staten Island? 

The Covid-19 vaccine should be free of charge if you are not receiving it from a private healthcare provider. Due to Operation Warp Speed, the U.S. bought millions of the vaccine to distribute. 

The administration of the vaccine, however, may be of charge if you are receiving the vaccine at a private healthcare provider’s office or pharmacy. 

Our research team estimated that COVID-19 vaccine administration will cost between $16 and $29 per dose. You can check with your healthcare provider about these costs.

Once the government stops purchasing the vaccines, it's likely individuals will have to pay out-of-pocket for the vaccine, or insurance companies will cover the charge. The cost will likely be between $25 and $58 for a COVID-19 vaccination. 



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