Where & How To Get A COVID-19 Vaccine In Brooklyn?

Mira Research Team
Mira Research Team25 Mar 2021

Quick Digest: 

  • New York is currently in expanded phase 1b of vaccine distribution. Accordingly, healthcare workers, long-term care residents, individuals 65 and older, essential workers, first-responders, teachers, and corrections officers/inmates can receive the vaccine.
  • New York will expand vaccinations to people eligible in subsequent phases as supply allows. More essential workers, people with underlying health conditions, and other at-risk groups can expect to receive the vaccine by February or April. The vaccine will be made available to everyone in the Summer of 2021.


What you need to know about the COVID-19 Vaccine in Brooklyn, NY

In December 2020, the FDA granted emergency use authorization to the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. 

  • Both vaccines demonstrated over 94% effectiveness in preventing COVID-19 during clinical trials.
  • Both vaccines utilize mRNA to teach your body how to recognize and kill the coronavirus should you be exposed. Since mRNA cannot enter the nucleus of cells, these vaccines will not alter your DNA.
  • Both vaccines require two doses, spaced approximately three to four weeks apart. Immunity will take time to build once you have been vaccinated, so you should continue to take precautions and act as though you are not vaccinated. Continue to wear a mask, practice social distancing, and wash your hand with soap and water.
  • Your second dose needs to be from the same company as your first dose. In other words, if you received the Pfizer vaccine for your first dose, you need to receive the Pfizer vaccine for your second dose.

For more information read COVID myths debunked.


Here's where and how you can receive a Covid-19 vaccine in Brooklyn

New York State’s website allows you to locate the nearest Covid-19 vaccination location. You can search using your address and zip code. From there, you can schedule the appointment once you have identified the vaccine center of your choice. Here are the results for Brooklyn.

NYC Vaccine Hub - George Westinghouse Vocational HS
105 Johnson Street, Brooklyn, 11201
Schedule Appointment Online:


Gotham Health, Cumberland
100 North Portland Avenue, Brooklyn, 11205
Schedule Appointment Online:

NYC Health Department - Fort Greene Clinic
295 Flatbush Ave, 5th Floor, Brooklyn, 11201
Schedule Appointment Online:


AdvantageCare Physicians - Downtown Medical Office
447 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, 11217
Schedule Appointment Online:


ODA Primary Healthcare Network
74 Wallabout Street, Brooklyn, 11249
Call for Appointment: 718-260-4600


NYC Health + Hospitals, Woodhull
760 Broadway, Brookly, 11206
Schedule Appointment Online:


Statcare - Brooklyn
341 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, 11216
Schedule Appointment Online:


COSTCO Pharmacy
976 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, 11232
Schedule Appointment Online:


Mass Vaccination Site - Brooklyn Army Terminal
140 58 Street, Brooklyn, 11220
Schedule Appointment Online:


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RendrCare: Janlian Medical Group
833 58th Street, Brookly, 11220
Call for Appointment: 646-601-6229


Rite Aid Store #10577
8222 18th Avenue, Brooklyn, 11214
Schedule Appointment Online


NYC Health + Hospitals, Coney Island
2601 Ocean Parkway, Main Building, 2nd Floor Conference Room, Brookly, 11235
Schedule Appointment Online:


RendrCare: Metro True Care Medical
8686 Bay Pkwy, Suite M1, Brooklyn, 11214
Call for Appointment: 646-601-6229


NYC Vaccine Hub - Abraham Lincoln High School
2800 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, 11235
Schedule Appointment Online:


Rambam Family Health Center
1122 Chestnut Ave, Brooklyn, 11230
Schedule Appointment Online:


Rite Aid Store #10575
2577 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, 11210
Schedule Appointment Online


AdvantageCare Physicians - Flatbush Medical Office
1000 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, 11218
Schedule Appointment Online:


Lasante Health Center
672 Parkside Avenue, Second Floor, Brooklyn, 11226
Call for Appointment: 718-246-5700

NYC Vaccine Hub - Canarsie High School
1600 Rockaway Parkway, Brooklyn, 11236


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NYC Health Dept. - Crown Heights Clinic
1218 Prospect Place, Brooklyn, 11213
Schedule Appointment Online:


Sure Drugs
312 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, 11233
Schedule Appointment Online:


AdvantageCare Physicians - East New York Medical Office
101 Pennsylvania Avenue, Brooklyn, 11207
Schedule Appointment Online:


Mellor’s Drug Store
3343 Fulton Avenue, Brooklyn, 11208
Schedule Appointment Online:


St. Jude Pharmacy
121 St. Nicholas Avenue, Brooklyn, 11237
Schedule Appointment Online:


The COVID-19 vaccine is available in Brooklyn, NY for all who qualify in Phase 1b

New York is currently allowing people in phase 1a and 1b to get vaccinated. Although demand for the vaccine is extremely high, the current supply does not suffice for all individuals who are eligible to receive a vaccine. Therefore, just because you are eligible, does not mean you will be able to get vaccinated immediately. The following people are currently eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine in New York.

Phase 1a:

  • Healthcare workers
  • Residents and staff in nursing homes in certain living facilities (e.g. nursing homes)

Phase 1b:

  • Adults ages 65 and older
  • Grocery workers
  • First responders and Support Staff for First Responder Agencies
  • Corrections
  • P-12 Schools, College, Child Care, and Early Intervention
  • Public Transit
  • Homeless Shelters (residents and workers)
  • Other Residential Programs and Supportive Housing
  • Restaurant Workers
  • Taxi and Limousine Drivers

Phase 1c tier is estimated to begin March to April 2021. Once phase 1c is in full effect, people with certain underlying health conditions and all other essential workers will be able to be vaccinated. Read more about NYC eligibility here.


What do I need to bring with me to my COVID-19 vaccine appointment?

Below are several items you must bring to your appointment in order to receive your vaccine. 

Please note that you will only be able to receive a vaccine if you are eligible under the current phase of distribution and have an appointment. Please do not show up to a vaccination center without an appointment — walk-in vaccines will not be offered. 

  • Government-issued picture ID
  • Insurance Card
  • Mask/Face Coverings to be Worn at All Times
  • Copy of your Appointment Confirmation


How much will the COVID-19 vaccine cost in Brooklyn?

The U.S. government bought several hundred million doses of the COVID-19 vaccines as part of Operation Warp Speed. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced that nobody will have to pay for the cost of a vaccine that was purchased by the government. 

However, it is possible to be charged for the administration of the vaccine if being vaccinated at a private doctor’s office or pharmacy. 

We estimate that if your vaccine location charges an administrative fee, it can cost between $16 and $29 per dose if you do not have insurance. 

After the pandemic is over and the government no longer purchases vaccines, people may have to pay between $25 and $58 for a COVID-19 vaccination. 



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