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What is the Best Mouthwash for Cavity Prevention?

Blanche Palasi
Blanche Palasi19 May 2023
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With many mouthwash options available, choosing the best mouthwash to prevent cavities may be challenging. The best mouthwashes – for example, ACT (fluoride), Crest (CPC), and Biotene (glycerin) Mouthwashes – protect teeth from decay and cavities and often contain vital ingredients to prevent deterioration.

Best Mouthwash Options for Cavity Prevention

When selecting a mouthwash to supplement your oral hygiene routine, look for key ingredients to prioritize teeth enamel and bacteria prevention. These are some of the best anti-cavity mouthwashes according to dentist recommendations and the mouthwashes’ ingredient list. Most come in various flavors, are alcohol-free, and have a high fluoride concentration and other teeth-protecting ingredients.

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Blanche Palasi

Blanche Palasi is a 2024 PharmD. Candidate currently attending St. John's University. A Queens native, she is passionate about helping patients identify and navigate social determinants of health.

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