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What is HealthSherpa?

Sophie Wei
Sophie Wei1 Dec 2022

HealthSherpa is a tool designed to help consumers shop, compare, and choose an ACA healthcare marketplace plan. HealthSherpa is a more user-friendly alternative to the original Healthcare Marketplace website. For 2022, they have enrolled 5 million individuals in healthcare plans. 

What is HealthSherpa for?

HealthSherpa was created primarily to help consumers. However, they also provide services to healthcare carriers and agents. Since they function as a healthcare enrollment platform, carriers are given the opportunity to publish their plans on the HealthSherpa portal. This also provides room for agents to work with HealthSherpa; many cite that HealthSherpa has helped them enroll significantly more clients than on the original Healthcare Marketplace website. 

HealthSherpa for Consumers

HealthSherpa is a user-friendly website for healthcare consumers who have difficulty choosing and enrolling in an affordable healthcare plan that also meets their needs. It is important to note that HealthSherpa is entirely integrated with the federal Healthcare Marketplace website. It functions as a private partner to the Healthcare Marketplace and, as a result, has the same plans and prices the marketplace offers.

HealthSherpa is free for consumers and can provide custom plan options based on zip code, income, household size, number of dependents, and healthcare needs. HealthSherpa also allows you to compare different plans side-by-side and minimizes healthcare jargon making it easier to use than the Marketplace website. 

Besides comparing and enrolling in a plan, HealthSherpa can also tell you which plans your doctors or health facilities accept and how much your prescription medications will cost under each plan. 

HealthSherpa for Carriers

HealthSherpa has opportunities for health insurance carriers as well. HealthSherpa aims to streamline not only the enrollment process for consumers but can also work as a platform for carriers to promote their care plans. Since the ACA health exchange plans are shared with HealthSherpa, carriers can specifically promote their products on the HealthSherpa portal. By doing so, these plans will show up as recommended for consumers contributing to more customers. Since HealthSherpa also has a portal for agents, carriers can connect directly with top-performing agents to maximize enrollment and efficiently manage their businesses.

Additionally, HealthSherpa allows carriers to have more control over their businesses. They provide tailored tools for carriers to help track growth, revenue, and market share. Carriers can also use insights and data provided by HealthSherpa to build the most efficient enrollment strategy. Unlike the original Healthcare Marketplace website, on HealthSherpa, carriers can have their own broker portal by running on Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE).

HealthSherpa for Agents

HealthSherpa also provides a portal for agents as well for no cost. Agents can use their platform to process client applications, submit follow-ups, and track enrollment status. Agents can also get additional payments from referring their clients to the HealthSherpa clients.

HealthSherpa provides streamlined quotes and allows agents to compare plans from different carriers. Additionally, clients can apply directly on HealthSherpa without using the portal.

HealthSherpa also provides agents with organizational resources to allow them to track their clients and monitor their application status. Agents can also view any changes and check the follow-up status with their clients. Agents can also have branded portals that they can send to their clients for self-enrollment.

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Is HealthSherpa right for me?

Whether you are a patient/consumer, carrier, or agent, HealthSherpa can be a helpful resource, especially if you are having trouble navigating the portal. 

Pros of HealthSherpa

HealthSherpa is a much more user-friendly version of the website. HealthSherpa provides the following advantages: 

  • Complete integration with
  • No extra cost
  • Personalized plan recommendations
  • Savings
  • Prescription cost management
  • Keep your current provider

Cons of HealthSherpa

Although HealthSherpa has helped out multiple individuals with enrolling in health insurance, the platform also has its problems:

  • Not applicable for states with their own exchanges
  • Have to verify premiums and subsidies
  • Data quality issues

What are people saying about HealthSherpa?

HealthSherpa has received a lot of attention from consumers, agents, and carriers. As a result, several users have provided feedback on various platforms. Users are generally happy with how easy HealthSherpa is to use. Still, many individuals have complained about the lack of data consistency between HealthSherpa and the portal. 

We have compiled examples of positive and negative feedback from consumers, agents, and carriers using HealthSherpa.

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Positive Reviews

The following are positive feedback sourced from online review websites.

Source: Facebook Reviews


Negative Reviews

Below are examples of negative reviews of HealthSherpa.

Source: Facebook Reviews


Bottom Line

HealthSherpa is a platform designed to work as an alternative to the original marketplace website. Based on user reviews, HealthSherpa has been successful in helping consumers enroll more efficiently in health insurance plans by providing custom recommendations and savings. 

Like HealthSherpa, Mira works to make health insurance much more accessible and user-friendly. HealthSherpa works to help users enroll in health insurance plans; Mira ensures that you are provided essential care at an affordable cost. For an average of $45/month, you can access affordable urgent care, virtual primary care, lab testing, and discounted prescriptions. With no enrollment period, you can sign up for Mira today!

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