Threads Strategy for Business: Understand Algorithm & How Go to Viral

Mira Research Team
Mira Research Team8 Jul 2023


  1. Threads is a content creation application that prioritizes conversation-driven content, allowing up to 500 characters with options for multimedia. Its appeal has exploded with over 100 million users in just a week in July 2023. Leveraging the Threads algorithm means creating meaningful, engaging posts.
  2. Unlike Twitter's platform, Threads integrates with Instagram and displays content algorithmically, including non-followed accounts, and is mobile-only. It lacks Twitter's trending or hashtag features, relying solely on algorithm-determined content.
  3. To capitalize on Threads' platform, businesses need to create regular, unique posts since the content lifecycle on Threads is a mere few hours. Strategies to prolong content lifespan, such as resharing and repurposing content, are also recommended.

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Differences between Threads & Twitter

Threads is a rapidly evolving application that has hit the social media sphere. Primarily a medium for content creation, Threads empowers users to share ideas and thoughts in textual format up to 500 characters, along with options to attach multimedia like photos and videos. According to Meta's official blog, it's user-friendly and geared towards mobile usage, available for download across over 100 countries. It smoothly integrates with Instagram, inviting your Instagram followers to join your Threads journey seamlessly.

PurposeContent creationMicroblogging, news sharing
Content LengthUp to 500 charactersUp to 280 characters
MultimediaSupports photos and videosSupports photos, videos, and GIFs
Platform IntegrationIntegrates with InstagramStandalone platform
User BaseOver 100 million (as of July 2023)Over 330 million (as of 2021)
Content DisplayAlgorithm-driven, includes non-followed accountsReverse chronological timeline/'For You' feature
AccessibilityMobile-onlyMobile and desktop
Content DiscoveryAlgorithm-driven, no trending section or hashtagsHashtags, trending section, search functionality

A side-by-side comparison with the social media giant, Twitter, illustrates some key differences between the two platforms. Unlike Twitter, which limits posts to 280 characters, Threads allows users to express themselves freely with considerably longer posts. More importantly, Threads' content display is driven by an algorithm that even shows posts from non-followed accounts, a unique aspect compared to Twitter's reverse chronological timeline or its 'For You' feature. 

Another noteworthy distinction lies in the platform's accessibility—Threads currently restricts its experience solely to mobile users while Twitter maintains a more flexible approach by offering features on its website too. 

What's missing in Threads though, is a 'trending section' or use of hashtags that allows users to search for specific content or trending topics on Twitter—keeping the audience hooked on Threads purely depends on what Meta's algorithm unfolds before them.

How Does The Threads Algorithm Work?

Threads prioritize conversation-driven content.

The Threads algorithm is designed to surface diverse content from various users, enabling you to discover new posts and engage in fresh conversations. Much like its name suggests, the algorithm prioritizes threads that have garnered high engagement in terms of reports, likes, and comments. This means that posts with higher interactions have a better chance of being surfaced to more users. This kind of algorithm encourages active participation and conversation among users.

How is the Threads algorithm different from Twitter and Instagram: 

The Threads algorithm is fundamentally different from those of Twitter and Instagram. Unlike Instagram that prioritizes image relevancy, Threads is highly contextual and conversation-driven. It focuses on the strength of discussions within a thread, rather than just the original post itself. 

As for Twitter, it shares some similarities with Threads in terms of being conversation-centric, but Threads takes it a step further by randomly surfacing posts from various users, creating a more dynamic and diverse content discovery experience.

What do you have to do differently to go viral on threads? 

To go viral on Threads, it's not just about posting content—it's about sparking meaningful conversations. This involves crafting thought-provoking posts that encourage other users to engage in dialogue. According to social media strategists, asking open-ended questions or sharing unique insights can trigger discussions, thereby increasing your chances of going viral on the platform.

Working PrincipleThe Threads algorithm prioritizes conversation-driven content and threads with high engagement.Twitter's algorithm is also conversation-centric.Instagram's algorithm prioritizes image relevancy.
Content DiscoveryThe algorithm surfaces diverse content from various users to enable discovery of new posts.Shares some similarities with Threads but does not randomly surface posts from different users.Discovery depends on the relevancy of the images and their interactions.
Impact of EngagementHigh engagement (reports, likes, comments) increases the chance of the posts being surfaced to more users.Engagement impacts visibility, but not to the extent as in Threads.High engagement does help in surfacing the content, but it is not the primary factor.
How to Go ViralTo go viral, meaningful conversations are needed, not just the posting of content. Ask open-ended questions or share unique insights to spark dialogue.Virality often comes from high sharing or retweets, not just conversation.High-quality, relevant images with engaging captions can drive virality.

4 Content Strategies for Threads in 2023

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Unique and High-Frequency Posts

Threads has just made life much harder for content creators by reducing the content lifecycle down many folds. Content lifecycle: duration in which contents stay relevant. 

  • Google article: 1-2 years
  • Youtube video: a few months
  • TikTok video: a few weeks
  • Instagram post: a week
  • Tweet: a day
  • Threads: a few hours

For businesses venturing into Threads, it's crucial to understand the significance of unique and regular posts. According to Threads App Guide, the new platform has considerably shortened the content lifecycle to just a few hours. This means that compared to Google articles, YouTube videos, or even Tweets, the content on Threads stays relevant for a shorter duration. Therefore, it's imperative to create unique and engaging content consistently to stay visible and relevant in this high-frequency post environment.

Prolonging Content Life Cycle

Prolonging the life cycle of your content on Threads can be a strategic way to maximize its impact and reach. According to various marketing studies, businesses can adopt strategies such as resharing content at different times, repurposing it across other platforms, and creating a series of linked posts to keep the conversation going. This approach not only extends the life of your content but also ensures that it reaches a wider audience.

Utilizing the Extended Character Limit

One of the features that set Threads apart from Twitter is its extended character limit of 500 characters. This presents an opportunity for businesses to deliver more nuanced and engaging content. According to numerous content marketing blogs, this can be exploited by sharing more detailed updates, storytelling, or offering more comprehensive insights into your business. The extended character limit enables you to connect better with your audience by providing them with richer and more informative content.

Leverage Images & Videos 

Threads is not just about text; it allows users to share links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes in length. This means businesses can leverage richer content formats to attract and engage their audience better. For instance, a visually appealing infographic or a compelling video can make your Threads post stand out. Moreover, the platform allows you to share your Threads post to your Instagram story or any other platform you choose as a link, further broadening your reach.

10 Content Ideas for Threads App

On Threads, brands can leverage a variety of content formats to engage their audience. These formats could include Text Threads, Polls, Q&A Sessions, Memes, Personal Stories, Educational Posts, Contests and Giveaways, User-Generated Content (UGC), Influencer Takeovers, and Behind-The-Scenes Posts.

1. Text Threads: Text Threads are the central format that allows up to 500 characters. Brands can use this to share updates, insights, share news or simply engage users with fun questions, thoughts, or ideas.

2. Polls: Polls are created as Text Threads with a question and several options. They can be used to understand audience preferences, gather feedback, or drive engagement.

3. Q&A Sessions: Brands can organize a Q&A session where they ask questions and encourage their audience to respond, or vice versa. It can be a great way to engage with audiences and answer their queries.

4. Memes: Using memes on Threads can make a brand come across as relatable and can drive the engagement of social media users who enjoy fun and light-hearted content.

5. Personal Stories: Brands might share personal, human-centric stories about their team, their journey, or their customers which can help bond with the audience on a deeper level.

6. Educational Posts: Brands can post educational, informative Threads that provide value to the audience by teaching them something new related to the brand or industry.

7. Contests and Giveaways: This format involves announcing a contest or giveaway, outlining the rules, and encouraging followers to participate for a chance to win.

8. User-Generated Content (UGC): Brands can share posts from their users that feature or mention their products or services. This not only rewards users for their content, but also builds authenticity.

9. Influencer Takeovers: Brands can collaborate with influencers for takeovers, where the influencer posts Threads on the brand account for a day or a set period.

10. Behind-The-Scenes Posts: These posts provide audiences with a sneak peak into the internal workings of a brand, fostering a stronger connection between the brand and its followers. 

User-Generated Content (UGC) on Threads

Encouraging UGC

Threads provides a unique platform for brands to encourage user-generated content. By creating a space where users can share their experiences and thoughts in a more detailed and personalized manner, brands can foster a community of loyal customers who actively contribute to the brand's growth and visibility. 

According to Nielsen Reports, inducing user reviews and experiences can significantly increase the level of engagement and trust in a brand. Brands can encourage UGC on Threads by hosting contests, asking questions, or featuring user content on their profile.

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Uses of UGC: 

User-generated content is not just valuable for its authenticity, but also for its potential to improve brand credibility, visibility, and engagement. Nielsen Reports suggest that UGC can have a profound impact on consumers' purchase decisions by offering real-life experiences and feedback about a product or service. 

On Threads, this could mean a user sharing their positive experience with a product or showcasing the ways they utilize it in their life. This provides potential customers an unfiltered view of the product's value, thereby enhancing the brand's credibility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I set up Threads for my business? 

Absolutely! Setting up Threads for your business not only allows you to reach a wider audience but also provides an opportunity to engage with your customers on a deeper level through interactive discussions.

How to go viral on Threads? 

Going viral on Threads requires a strategic approach. It's crucial to create engaging content that sparks conversations among users. According to social media experts, posts that ask thought-provoking questions or provide unique insights tend to generate more engagement.

How often should I threads? 

There's no one-size-fits-all answer as it varies depending on your business goals and audience behavior. However, most successful creators on Threads recommend posting regularly to maintain visibility and engagement with your followers.

How many hours should I dedicate to Threads weekly? 

It's advisable to dedicate at least a few hours per week to manage your Threads account effectively. This includes creating posts, responding to comments, and analyzing your performance on the platform.

What are the benefits of my business being on Threads? 

Being on Threads offers several benefits for businesses, such as increasing brand visibility, driving customer engagement through interactive discussions, and gaining valuable insights from customer conversations.

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