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Mira Health Reviews 2023 - Benefits, Coverage, Is it Legit?

Mira Research Team
Mira Research Team8 Jul 2023

What you need to know:

  • Mira is rated 5-star on Google Reviews.
  • As of 2023, over 35,000 people have signed up for Mira.
  • Mira is available at 2000 clinics, 1600 labs, and 60000 pharmacies in 45+ states.
  • Mira was featured in Forbes, Axios, CNBC, and awarded 1 of the 15 best healthcare companies by Accenture Health.

Why is Mira so much cheaper than traditional health insurance?

Right off the bat, one question we have gotten repeatedly is, “Why is Mira so much cheaper than other insurance plans I got quoted for?” The best analogy we like to use is that insurance is like a buffet and Mira is more like your local Costco.

Mira vs. traditional health insurance

Insurance: like a buffet where the more you eat, the more money the restaurant loses. In this case, insurance charges $400-$800 a month per member and generates profits by minimizing losses, and reducing healthcare usage.

This model of coverage is flawed because (1) it works against the member's interests and (2) it doesn't incentivize healthy behaviors ("I pay a lot for insurance, so why should I get preventative care when I can go to the ER or hospitals instead").

Mira: Instead of relying on lower healthcare utilization to generate profits, Mira charges members a small monthly fee to cover our operations and negotiates on our member's behalf for the best rates, just like health insurance does. 

When needing care, you can find and book directly on the Mira app and pay for your copays as you would like a traditional health plan.


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Get Mira - Health Benefits You Can Afford.

Get doctor visits, lab tests, prescription, and more. Affordable copays. Available in 45+ states. Only $45/month on average.

2>I am only looking for health insurance; how can Mira help?

Nothing wrong with wanting to have insurance. But contrary to common beliefs, having insurance doesn't always translate to better care or better health for that matter (while there are some correlations, they are not direct causations). 

In fact, according to the Washington Post, while the U.S. spends twice the amount of money (mostly in private spending and out of pocket) on healthcare compared to other comparable nations, we also have the highest chronic diseases rate, lowest life expectancy, and ranked last in the top 11 high-income nations. 

Having coverage doesn't always guarantee affordable care. Most health insurance plans come with a deductible of $2000-$6000. According to a study by the AAF, 80%-90% of Americans will never reach their deductible. This means you are responsible for 100% out of pocket for most services in a given year.

Because commercial insurers contract with medical providers at the highest rates, you often end up paying the highest price for the same service compared to Medicare or Mira.

Mira cost vs. traditional insurance

At Mira, we believe in three core tenets:

  1. Getting preventative care and getting care early is the key to better health. We call this essential care.
  2. All Americans should have affordable access to essential care. 
  3. While a universal healthcare system is ideal, people can't wait.

Because of this, we have gathered a team of seasoned healthcare executives and experts to build a product that helps our members get essential care without paying hundreds of dollars for a private insurance plan. While we fully support and believe in health insurance, we think there should be a third way for everybody to get essential care.

What Does An Urgent Care Visit With Mira Cover?

Mira covers preventative, urgent care, lab tests, prescriptions, and gym discounts. Along with virtual primary care, virtual behavioral therapy, and psychiatric visits. 

There are 1100+ clinics, 1600 labs, and 60,000 where services are available in 45 states. Click here to see locations near you.

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Virtual care for only $25 per visit

Virtual primary care, urgent care, and behavioral health visits are only $25 with a Mira membership.

Mira vs. Bronze & Platinum Insurance Plans

How does Mira compare to a traditional health insurance plan like Oscar, Cigna, Anthem, or United Health?

ServiceMira MembershipHealth Insurance- Bronze planHealth Insurance- Platinum Plan
Monthly Premium$25- $60$600$1,225
Sick care$49-$99 co-pay$150- $650$55 co-pay
Virtual care$25$35 (Oscar)$0
Mental health therapy$25$250/hour$50 copay
Lab tests$49- $99$212$35 co-pay
PrescriptionsUp to 80% offPay 100%$10- $60 co-pay
Catastrophic eventsReferral service available or add a catastrophic plan on top$3000+
(Pay 50% after deductible)
$100-$500 co-pay
Estimate Annual Out-of-pocket$396$712+$215
Annual Premium$300- $540$7,188$14,700

Google Reviews

Read our Google reviews:


“I use this for my common healthcare needs on top of my existing plan. I have a high deductible, so this makes perfect sense. I wish it existed earlier, could have saved many people a lot of money!!” – Camilla D.


This service is extremely valuable. Highly recommend it for anyone interested in a supplemental plan! – Sameer K.


“While Mira doesn't cover emergency room visits, it's great to add on top of my catastrophic plan. I use it for urgent care visits and save hundreds of dollars per year.” – Daniel V. 


“I lost my job in July and lost my health insurance too. I was devastated and knew I needed some form of coverage during this pandemic. When I discovered Mira, I was wanting coverage for primary care, but I was drawn to the urgent care coverage, lab testing, and discounted prescriptions. It was perfect for me during that gap.” – Michelle C.


“I personally need primary care coverage. While the customer service team is great, Mira doesn't offer what I need at this time”. – Jenna E.


“I'm a freelance writer in NYC- needless to say, healthcare is just not in my budget. I honestly didn't even consider it a priority. But Mira is just so affordable… I mean, $45/mo is unbeatable. The co-pays are great, and there are no deductibles. And if the doctor at urgent care prescribes me a medication I know, I could afford it using the prescription portal.” – Chris F. 


“As someone with a preexisting condition, Mira is great when I visit urgent care. But it doesn't cover visits with my primary care doctor (I use my catastrophic plan)… The prescription portal is great, though. I save a lot on my thyroid medication.” – Mary S.

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