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Mira Research Team
Mira Research Team1 Jan 2024
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What you need to know:

  • Mira is highly rated on Trustpilot. 
  • As of 2024, over 37,000 people have signed up for Mira.
  • Mira is available at 1000 clinics, 1600 labs, and 60000 pharmacies in 45+ states.
  • Mira was featured in Forbes, Axios, CNBC, and awarded 1 of the 15 best healthcare companies by Accenture Health.

Why is Mira so much cheaper than traditional health insurance?

Right off the bat, one question we have gotten repeatedly is, “Why is Mira so much cheaper than other insurance plans I got quoted for?” The best analogy we like to use is that insurance is like a buffet and Mira is more like your local Costco.

Mira vs. traditional health insurance

Insurance: like a buffet where the more you eat, the more money the restaurant loses. In this case, insurance charges $400-$800 a month per member and generates profits by minimizing losses, and reducing healthcare usage.

This model of coverage is flawed because (1) it works against the member's interests and (2) it doesn't incentivize healthy behaviors ("I pay a lot for insurance, so why should I get preventative care when I can go to the ER or hospitals instead").

Mira: Instead of relying on lower healthcare utilization to generate profits, Mira charges members a small monthly fee to cover our operations and negotiates on our member's behalf for the best rates, just like health insurance does. 

When needing care, you can find and book directly on the Mira app and pay for your copays as you would like a traditional health plan.


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