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Talk To Mira Reviews- Benefits, How It Works, & More

Mira Research Team12 Mar 2021

About Mira

Mira is a healthcare membership for just $45/mo, low co-pays, and no deductible.

With Mira, members have access to thousands of in-network urgent care clinics, 80% off prescriptions, and affordable lab testing. 

How Does It Work?

Once you're a member, you're ready to book your urgent care visit.

Just choose an in-network urgent care clinic and time that works best for you, and you're set. Our team can work with you to find a clinic and answer any of your questions.

Some members use Mira along with their high deductible insurance plans because our prices are 30-50% lower compared to the out-of-pocket cost per visit.

What Does An Urgent Care Visit With Mira Cover?

An urgent care visit using Mira covers:

  • Preventative care (such as flu vaccines)
  • Illnesses
  • Skin conditions
  • Infections (UTI, abscess, cysts)
  • Sprains & broken bones

Lab testing:

  • Comprehensive blood count
  • Metabolic panel
  • Urine analysis
  • Urine analysis
  • STD panel

If you need lab testing or prescriptions, you can use our lab portal to order a lab test as well as MiraRx, to order your prescriptions at an affordable price at a pharmacy near you. 

Mira vs. Bronze & Platinum Insurance Plans

ServiceMira MembershipHealth Insurance- Bronze planHealth Insurance- Platinum Plan
Monthly Premium$25- $45$600$1,225
Preventative $50 co-pay3 at $50$15 co-pay
Sick care$99 co-pay$150- $650$55 co-pay
Lab tests$49- $99$212$35 co-pay
PrescriptionsUp to 80% offPay 100%$10- $60 co-pay
Catastrophic eventsNot covered (Referral service available or add a catastrophic plan on top)$3000+
(Pay 50% after deductible)
$100-$500 co-pay
Estimate Annual Out-of-pocket$396$712+$215
Annual Premium$300- $540$7,188$14,700

Google Reviews

Read our Google reviews:

Get healthcare for 80% less.

Mira helps you get healthcare services for up to 80% less than paying out of pocket or going through insurance. As seen on Forbes, Axios, and CNBC.


“I use this for my common healthcare needs on top of my existing plan. I have a high deductible so this makes perfect sense. I wish it existed earlier, could have saved many people a lot of money!!” – Camilla D.


This service is extremely valuable. Highly recommend it for anyone interested in a supplemental plan! – Sameer K.

Introducing Mira

Imagine Costco but For Healthcare. $45/month. No catch.

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“While Mira doesn't cover emergency room visits, it's great to add on top of my catastrophic plan. I use it for urgent care visits and save hundreds of dollars per year.” – Daniel V. 


“I lost my job in July and lost my health insurance too. I was devastated and knew I needed some form of coverage during this pandemic. When I discovered Mira, I was wanting coverage for primary care, but I was drawn to the urgent care coverage, lab testing, and discounted prescriptions. It was perfect for me during that gap.” – Michelle C.


“I personally need primary care coverage. While the customer service team is great, Mira doesn't offer what I need at this time”. – Jenna E.


“I'm a freelance writer in NYC- needless to say, healthcare is just not in my budget. I honestly didn't even consider it a priority. But Mira is just so affordable… I mean, $45/mo is unbeatable. The co-pays are great and there are no deductibles. And if the doctor at urgent care prescribes me medication I know I could afford it using the prescription portal.” – Chris F. 


“As someone with a preexisting condition, Mira is great when I visit urgent care. But it doesn't cover visits with my primary care doctor (I use my catastrophic plan)… The prescription portal is great though. I save a lot on my thyroid medication.” – Mary S. 

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