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Is SAG Health Insurance Good? 2024 Eligibility, Premiums, and Coverage

Mira Research Team
Mira Research Team1 Jan 2024
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You're not alone if you have read the SAG-AFTRA health insurance eligibility and feel confused. SAG has over 170,000 members and only 12.7% qualify for the union’s health plan. If you are not qualified or find SAG health insurance unaffordable, an alternative like Mira could make a good fit at $45/month. 

Is SAG-AFTRA Health Insurance Good? Takeaways:

The SAG-AFTRA Health insurance plan covers a wide range of services, including medical, surgical, and mental health, life and AD&D insurance, maternity care, hearing aids, therapy, and dental and vision services. The drawbacks of the insurance relate to its complex eligibility criteria, and the cost could be prohibitive for those earning less than $50,000 annually

SAG-AFTRA Health receives a 1.7-star rating on Google from members and a 3-star rating on Glassdoor from employees. The reviews for the SAG-AFTRA health plan on Reddit are mixed. Negative comments include reports of problems with their phone system leading to customers being transferred to the wrong numbers, lack of professionalism, and denial of benefits. On the other hand, some customers found the staff to be great, helpful, and professional. However, these positive reviews are outnumbered by the negative ones.

Cost to the member monthly varies between $125 - $250, or up to $2501 following unemployment. To qualify for SAG-AFTRA Health Insurance, the plan's eligibility requirements — "Earned Eligibility" — must be met. Eligibility varies depending on the occupation, with criteria relating to the performance of work under specific contracts or earnings through a contributing employer during a set period.

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