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Is It Cheaper To Get Health Insurance Through an Employer?

Madeline Hlobik
Madeline Hlobik22 Nov 2021
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Health insurance can help protect you and your dependents from high medical costs. Obtaining health insurance through an employer is often cheaper than purchasing health insurance independently from your job - this is because your employer will help cover some of your health coverage and medical expenses.

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What Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Is

Employer-sponsored health insurance is a health policy plan that is chosen and bought by your employer. After selecting the policy, the health insurance plan will be offered to eligible employees and their dependents.

There are several advantages to utilizing employer-sponsored health insurance. For example, you and your employer will typically share the cost of your premium. Additionally, your employer will perform all of the work needed to choose a plan. 

The premium contributions made by your employer are not subject to federal taxes, and your taxable income will be lower because your contributions are made pre-tax. See the table below for a deeper understanding of the differences between an individual plan and an employer-sponsored health insurance plan.

How Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Works

FactorIndividual PlanEmployer-Sponsored Plan
Who chooses the planYouYour employer
Coverage remains if you change jobsYesLimited
Coverage of pre-existing conditionsYesYes
Premiums can be made pre-taxNoYes
You can choose a plan that includes your preferred medical providersYesLimited

Source: MedMutual

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