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How to Find The Cheapest Dental Plans

Alexandra Thompson
Alexandra Thompson10 Mar 2023

Having dental care is just as important as having health insurance plans. Similar to health insurance, dental insurance can be expensive, with premiums ranging between $10 and $660 per month. You can enroll in dental plans that can be done through the federal or state-run healthcare marketplace. Before you enroll, it is essential to compare each plan’s premiums, deductibles, and type of coverage.

The Cheapest Dental Plans  

The charts below show the cheapest marketplace plans for both a health and dental plan combination (nationwide) and a separate dental plan add-on by a few states: Texas, California, Florida, and New York. The premium price for the joint plan is the monthly dental and health insurance cost.

Cheapest Separate Dental Plans: Texas 

Name of Plan Monthly premium Deductible Out-Of-Pocket Maximum 
DeltaCare USA Basic Plan for Families $10.21 N/A$375 
DentaTrust PPO Family Basic Option $10.32 $50 $375
Humana Dental Smart Choice-Lite$13.46 $80 $375
DentaQuest PPO Family Low $14.45 $100 $350 

Cheapest Separate Dental Plans: California 

Name of Plan Monthly premium Deductible Out-Of-Pocket Maximum 
Liberty Dental Plan$7.48N/AN/A
California Dental Network$7.76N/AN/A
Anthem Blue Cross $12.00N/AN/A
Blue California $13.40 N/AN/A

Cheapest Separate Dental Plans: Florida 

Name of Plan Monthly premium Deductible Out-Of-Pocket Maximum 
Managed Dental Guard FL, Essentials 1 $8.06N/A$375
DentaQuest Family Low $8.20 $50$350
Delta Dental, USA Basic Plan $9.25N/A$375

Cheapest Separate Dental Plans: New York 

Name of Plan Monthly premium Deductible Out-Of-Pocket Maximum 
Solstice $6.92 $50N/A
Healthplex $9.07$48 $350 
Empire, Blue Cross Blue Shield $9.96$50 $700
Delta Dental $18.70 $50 N/A

Chepeast Joint Dental and Health Plans 

Name of Plan Monthly premium Deductible Out-Of Pocker Maximum Plan Metal Level 
Vantage Health Plan Savings Bronze 500$435.13 $5,500$7,200Bronze 
Vantage Health Plan Savings Bronze 7200$436.38$7,200$7,200Bronze 
Vantage Health Plan Essential Bronze 6500$444.41 $7,500$9,100Bronze 
Vantage Health Plan Essetial Gold 1500$669.93$2,000$7,200 Gold 

Where to Find Dental Plans 

You can enroll in dental coverage through the federal marketplace or your state’s marketplace, just like traditional health insurance. Some traditional health plans available in the marketplace will have dental benefits already included. However, if you selected a plan that does not, you can still add on a separate dental plan.  

One important thing to note is that you cannot utilize the marketplace to get dental insurance. You must be buying a health plan at the same time. In terms of premiums, if your health plan includes dental, you will only pay one premium for both health and dental coverage. If you buy a separate dental plan, you will pay a separate premium for your health plan and dental plan

Two Types of Coverage 

There are two types of dental coverage, high and low coverage. With a low coverage level, you will have lower premiums but higher copayments and deductibles. This means you pay less every month but more when you get dental services. On the other hand, high coverage has higher premiums with lower copayments and deductibles. This means you will pay more each month but less for dental services.  

Services Covered by Dental Plans  

There are three main categories of dental care that all have varying degrees of coverage percentage: Preventive care and diagnostics, Basic Dental Care, and Major Restorative Care. Most insurance plans take the 100-80-50 approach with coverage. The chart below illustrates the coverage level and what is included in each type of dental care: 

Dental Insurance Coinsurance Breakdown

Type of Dental Service Percentage of Insurance Coverage What's Included 
Preventive Care 100%
Basic Care 80%
  • Fillings
  • Simple Extraction
  • Tooth Pain
  • Treatment of gum disease
  • Root Canals
Major Restoritive Care 50%
  • Crowns
  • Implants
  • Bridges
  • Complex Extractions
  • Oral Surgery and Sedation
  • Denture Work
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Dental Plan Frequently Asked Questions FAQ(s) 

Below are commonly asked questions regarding canceling dental plans, where to find low-cost services, and what's typically covered by a dental plan.  

How Do I Know If I Need Dental Insurance? 

Dental insurance is not necessary for everyone, but it can help you save money if you keep up with your regular cleanings or in case of an emergency. You may need dental insurance if

  • You go to the dentist often for regular checkups and or cleanings.
  • You often need additional services, such as fillings, when you go to the dentist.
  • You have a large family with many children who also go to the dentist regularly.
  • You are unable to pay the cost of dental procedures out-of-pocket.

Can I Cancel My Marketplace Dental Plan but Keep My Health Coverage?  

It depends on the coverage you enrolled in. If you opted for a separate dental plan, you could get cancer at any time. If you are enrolled in a health plan with dental coverage, you cannot remove dental coverage from your marketplace plan; Instead, you will have to change health plans (from one with dental coverage to one without. However, this switch can only happen during two periods

Where Can I Find Low-Cost Dental Care Without Insurance?   

If you do not opt for an additional dental or health plan with dental coverage, there are other options to receive dental care. 

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Local Health Departments 

The Bureau of Primary Health Care (1-888-Ask-HRSA) supports federally–funded community health centers nationwide that provide free or low-cost health and dental services to patients in need.  

Dental Schools 

Dental schools can be great resources for receiving high-quality, low-cost dental treatment. Most dental schools operate as teaching facilities that allow dental students to gain experience treating patients. Experienced and licensed dentists supervise students to maintain the highest quality of care. 

Bottom Line

There are many options to choose from when it comes to selected dental insurance. Whether you're opting for a separate plan or one that is included in your traditional health plan, no matter what you choose, the monthly premium will typically fall between $10 and $600, with separate plans being cheaper than combined insurance options. If you are unsure if you want to commit to a dental plan, there are other avenues to receive low-cost, high-quality dental insurance.  

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