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How Much Does Strattera (Atomoxetine) Cost Without Insurance?

Alexandra Thompson
Alexandra Thompson16 May 2023

Atomoxetine is the generic version of Strattera, a common oral medication used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children, teenagers, and adults. ADHD is a prevalent concern for many millennials, and the cost of medication can be a significant financial burden for those without health insurance. Without insurance, a standard 30-day supply of Atomoxetine can cost $120.30 on average. While Atomoxetine’s brand-name counterpart, Strattera, is also available, the price without insurance is 16 times more expensive than the generic prescription.

Cost of Atomoxetine Without Insurance

For individuals six years of age and older and weighing over 150 pounds, the initial dosage of Atomoxetine will start at 40 mg, taken once a day. After a minimum of 3 days, the total daily dosage will be increased to 80 mg, which can be taken as a single dose or split into a morning and afternoon dosage. The cost of a 40mg and 80mg prescription is relatively similar but varies across different pharmacies. The information below shows pricing as of May 10, 2023, and reflects atomoxetine cost amongst popular pharmacies in Houston, Texas.

Cost of 40mg Atomoxetine  

Name of Pharmacy Cost 
CVS $103.21
Walgreens $324.00 
Walmart $26.00 
Costco Pharamacy $28.00 

Cost of 80mg Atomoxetine 

Name of Pharmacy Cost 
CVS $108.31
Walgreens $347.00 
Walmart $26.38
Costco Pharamacy $38.99

Dosage for Individuals Weighing Less Than 150 pounds

For individuals weighing less than 150 pounds, the dosage is dictated by your body weight and must be determined by your physicians. The general conversion is 0.5mg per kg, which translates to 0.5mg per 2.2 pounds; This is the initial dosage that is prescribed for a minimum of three days (similar to the traditional dosage). After three days, the conversion increases to 1.2 mg per kg or 1.2 mg per 2.2 pounds. While the conversions can be a great guideline, your doctor may adjust the dose as needed.

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Atomoxetine FAQ(s)

Below are some frequently asked questions about atomoxetine, including side effects, the brand name drug, and potential drug interactions you should be aware of.

How Does Brand-Name Atomoxetine Compare to the Generic Brand?

Strattera is the brand-name version of Atomoxetine and is significantly more expensive than the generic prescription. Without insurance, a 30-day supply of 40mg tablets can range between $448 and $531, depending on the pharmacy. It's important to note that while there is a significant price difference between the generic and brand name prescription, there is no therapeutic difference between the two. Generics have been proven to be as effective as name-brand medications and are equivalent in active ingredients, strength, quality, and dosage. The charts below show Strattera's cost- 40mg and 80mg - without insurance across popular pharmacies as well as a comparison to generic Atomoxetine.

Cost of 40mg Strattera vs. Generic

Name of Pharmacy Strattera Cost Atomoxetine Cost
CVS $448.02$103.21
Walgreens $523.00$324.00 
Walmart $452.43$26.00 
Costco Pharamacy $460.66$28.00 

Cost of 80mg Strattera vs. Generic

Name of Pharmacy Strattera Cost Atomoxetine Cost
CVS $482.80$108.31
Walgreens $636.00$347.00 
Walmart $487.62$26.38
Costco Pharamacy $496.46$38.99
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What Are The Potential Side Effects From Atomoxetine?

With Atomoxetine, there are common side effects that do not require additional medical attention and more severe side effects that you should report to your physician as soon as possible. Common Side Effects include:

  • Constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Dry Mouth
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Nausea
  • Stomach Pain
  • Vomiting
  • Changes in Sex Drive

More severe side effects that should be reported immediately include:

  • Changes in Heart Rhythm
  • Increase in Blood Pressure
  • Mood or Behavior Changes
  • Trouble Using the Bathroom

What Drug Interactions Should I Avoid When Taking Atomoxetine?

While your physician should be able to assess medication interactions and recommend what to avoid, it's good to know what medications cannot be taken with atomoxetine. The following medications should never be taken with atomoxetine:

Dronedarone: Prescribed for individuals who have a normal heart rhythm but have experienced atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat) in the past. Dronedarone is classified as an antiarrhythmic and works to reduce the risk that people with atrial fibrillation will be hospitalized for treatment.

MAOIs (Carbex, Eldepryl, Marplan, Nardil, and Parnate): Monoamine oxidase inhibitors, or MAOIs, are a type of antidepressant class separate from SSRIs. MAOIs were the first class of medications developed to treat depression in 1950; they are not prescribed as much today, with SSRIs being the most common treatment.

Pimozide: Prescribed to treat Tourette's syndrome by helping individuals manage vocal outbursts and movement tics that can interfere with daily life. This medication is typically only prescribed when no other treatment has successfully reduced symptoms.

Thioridazine: A low-potency antipsychotic medication used to treat symptoms of schizophrenia in patients that have already been treated with other medications and have not experienced relief from their symptoms. Thioridazine is classified as a conventional antipsychotic and works to decrease abnormal excitement in the brain.

Ways to Save on Atomoxetine

Atomoxetine is a common generic medication used to treat ADHD in children, teens, and adults. Atomoxetine is typically prescribed as a 40mg oral tablet that is eventually increased to 80 mg daily. Prescriptions are typically filled as a 30-day supply, costing anywhere between $26.00 and $350.00 without insurance.

While Atomoxetine’s brand-name counterpart, Strattera, is also available, the price without insurance is 16 times more expensive than the generic prescription. If you want to save money on your prescription, opt for the generic version. Additionally, websites like GoodRx or SingleCare can be great for free coupon cards. Another way to save is through MiraRX, which can save you up to 80% on prescription medications like atomoxetine.


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