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How Much Does it Cost to Screen for Glaucoma Without Insurance?

Alexandra Thompson
Alexandra Thompson31 Mar 2023
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Glaucoma is an eye condition that causes damage to your optic nerve, which sends visual information to and from your eye and brain. Your optic nerve is crucial for good vision; therefore, you should take glaucoma seriously. Your optometrist will perform multiple tests to assess your eyes for signs of glaucoma; however, without insurance, glaucoma tests can cost between $50 - $200.

Cost of Glaucoma Testing   

Your ophthalmologist may perform one or a combination of tests to adequately detect and assess the severity of glaucoma and nerve damage. The most common glaucoma tests are listed below, with the testing process and what it tells the ophthalmologist.

Types of Glaucoma Testing     

Type of TestWhat it Shows The Process 
Angle ExamShows the angle where the cornea meets the iris; the angle is your eye’s drainage system.Eye drops are used to numb your eye, and your cornea is touched with a special lens that assesses whether or not the angle is blocked. 
Corneal Thickness Measurement Measures the thickness of your cornea, which determines the risk for glaucoma. The ophthalmologist numbs your eye and then touches it with a small probe.
Dilated Eye Exam Allows ophthalmologists to see your retina and optic nerve to determine if there is damage caused by glaucoma.  Eye drops dilate your pupil, and then a bright light is shined into your pupil to see the back of the eye. 
Eye Pressure CheckExamining your eye for increased pressure is a sign of glaucoma. An ophthalmologist numbs the eye with eye drops and then touches the surface of your eye with a tool that takes the pressure. 
Optic Nerve Imaging Take pictures of your retina and optic nerve. Images show every layer of eye tissue and map the area.A special machine called optical coherence tomography is used to take pictures of your eye. 
Visual Field Test Examines whether or not you have lost sight in one or both eyes; this test can also investigate how quickly glaucoma is progressing.Ophthalmologists will have you sit or stand and cover one eye at a time. With one eye cover, they will ask if you can see an item along the side of your vision. 

While you can make an appointment to visit an ophthalmologist to discuss family history and glaucoma concerns specifically, all six glaucoma tests can be performed at your routine eye examination

If you have no vision problems and do not wear glasses or contact lenses, you should get your eyes examined at least once every two years. However, If you have vision problems, once every year is highly recommended. Without insurance coverage, your traditional eye exam can range between $50 and $250, depending on location and if it's your first visit.

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