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How Much Does it Cost to Remove Wisdom Teeth Without Insurance?

Sophie Wei
Sophie Wei31 Mar 2023

Many individuals can experience several complications from wisdom teeth growth. As such, it is recommended to have your wisdom teeth removed sometimes. However, similar to most surgical procedures, wisdom teeth removal can be incredibly costly, especially without insurance. Wisdom teeth extraction can cost anywhere from $720-$4000. The overall cost will depend mainly on the number of teeth removed, the potential complications, the clinic's location, and the extraction procedure type.

Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal By Location

The cost of wisdom tooth extraction can vary depending on your geographic location. The cost of living in your city usually correlates with the cost of various medical procedures. The following chart lists the possible prices of wisdom teeth removal at various clinics in the United States. 

Cost of Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Different States

LocationClinic Name Cost 
New Jersey Aesthetic Dental $500-$2000
New York City Advanced Dental Arts $775-$1050 
Texas Omega Dentists $300-$800
California Rolling Hills Dental Group $300-$1000
Indiana Michael Drone Dentistry and Prosthodontics $300-700
North Carolina Winston-Salem Dentists$200-$1100

Types of Wisdom Teeth Extractions

The type of wisdom teeth extraction that you require will also heavily influence the cost. In general, there are 4 different types of wisdom teeth removal. 

  • Non-impacted wisdom teeth removal: the tooth is above the jawbone and the gums
  • Soft tissue impact removal: the wisdom tooth is under the gums. The surgeon might need to cut into the gum tissue to remove your wisdom teeth.
  • Partial bony impact removal: part of the tooth is stuck in your jawbone. The surgeon might need to a small part of the jawbone.
  • Complete or full bony removal: the tooth is completely surrounded by your jaw, which needs to be exposed for adequate removal.

The more intensive the operation is, the higher your cost might be. For instance, at Winston-Salem Dentist, their price differential is as follows: 

  • Erupted/Non-impacted: $300
  • Soft tissue Impaction: $350
  • Partial bony impaction: $450
  • Fully bony impaction: $550

Although this price differential might not be the same at clinics in other locations, the relative price increase is accurate to what you should expect based on the type of procedure you require. 

Indications for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Although this procedure might feel costly and even unnecessary in some instances, there are several reasons to have your wisdom teeth removed. Often individuals who do not get their wisdom teeth removed can develop complications. These include the following

  • Infection: infection, also known as pericoronitis can occur if your wisdom teeth are not removed. If your wisdom teeth cannot fully emerge from under your gum tissue, your gums can become irritated and infected.
  • Cysts: cysts, or fluid-filled pouches, can grow around your wisdom tooth area if you do not get them removed. These occur due to impacted wisdom teeth and can lead to further complications in your jawbone.
  • Crowding: sometimes wisdom teeth can grow sideways. When this occurs, your growing wisdom teeth can push into your other teeth and move them. This can cause long-term damage to your jawbone and gums.
  • Damage to surrounding teeth: similar to crowding, if there is not enough room for the wisdom teeth to erupt, the tooth can grow directly into adjacent teeth, which can lead to gum disease, bone loss, and decay.
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Additional Costs 

It is important to consider the additional costs of wisdom teeth removal. The prices outlined above only cover the cost of the actual extraction procedure. However, there are several other factors to be aware of that can increase your cost. These include the following: 

  • Anesthesia: anesthesia can cost anywhere from $50-200 per hour. Anesthesia can also be charged by tooth and can cost anywhere from $220-$700.
  • Initial exam/consultation/X-rays: your initial consultation can cost around $100 and up to $250 if you decide to get an X-ray.
  • Pain medication: after your procedure, you will likely need to use some over-the-counter pain medication. This is typically cost-friendly; the average cost of Ibuprofen (Advil) is about $15.99 for 180 capsules. This cost can increase if your pain is more severe and will be based on the pain management your doctor recommends for you.

Insurance Coverage 

In most cases, Medicare will not cover your wisdom teeth removal procedure unless deemed medically necessary. Teeth extractions are generally not covered unless you have an underlying disease involving your jaw bone or gum tissue. 

In general, Medicaid will most likely only cover your wisdom tooth removal procedure if considered an emergency. This can be due to severe pain caused by impacted teeth and will only be covered if your state Medicaid offers emergency dental care. Visit this website to see your state Medicaid’s dental coverage. 

Although, as previously mentioned, Medicare does not typically cover wisdom teeth extraction. However, some Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) include dental benefits. Medicare Advantage plans are supplemental plans that can give you additional coverage for an additional cost. The cost of Medicare Advantage plans varies. You can explore your options for coverage using the website. Check out our article about Medicare Advantage for more information about whether or not it is suited for you. 

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you better understand wisdom teeth extraction procedures and side effects. 

What can I expect from this procedure? 

The procedure should only take about 45 minutes. You will be given anesthesia, either local, IV sedation, or general anesthesia, based on your own preference and your physician’s discretion. Your doctor might have to cut into your gum tissue based on the type of surgery required. Your doctor will stitch this up, and your stitches will dissolve in a few days. You can also anticipate possible gauze pads in your mouth after the procedure. On average, it can take up to 2 weeks to fully recover from wisdom teeth removal. 

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What are the signs and symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth? 

The most common signs and symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth include the following: 

  • Swollen gums
  • Tender or irritated gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Swelling around the jaw
  • Bad breath or halitosis
  • Difficulty opening mouth

If these symptoms become consistent or severe, it is recommended to schedule an appointment with your doctor or dentist and consider wisdom teeth extraction. 

What should I do to help recover after the procedure? 

Although some individuals may recover quickly or have little pain, it is essential to be cautious and take off a few days from work or school. You will likely experience swelling and mild discomfort in the first 3 days following your procedure. Some individuals have mild bruising, a stiff or sore jaw, or facial tingling. At this time, ice packs and over-the-counter pain medications are recommended. You should also make sure to eat softer foods, gently use your jaw, and avoid strenuous activities. 

Bottom Line

Although wisdom teeth removal might seem like a financial and physical burden, it is incredibly important to follow your physician or dentist’s recommendations for wisdom teeth extraction. On average, the procedure can range from $720-$4000 without insurance.

Sophie Wei

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