How Much Does Carbamazepine Cost Without Insurance?

Sophie Wei
Sophie Wei4 May 2023

Carbamazepine is a prescription medication that is prescribed to control and prevent seizures or treat mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder. On average, the generic version of this medication can cost around $84.46 for 60, 200 MG tablets. However, the cost of this medication can vary based on dosage form, brand name, and pharmacy choice. 

Carbamazepine Cost Based on Dosage Form and Brand Name 

Brand-name versions of medication tend to cost more than the generic version. The medication's dosage form can also affect the overall cost. Listed below is a breakdown of the costs of carbamazepine based on the available dosage form and its generic or brand name status. 

Carbamazepine is available in several dosage forms, including tablets, capsules, and liquid suspension; some tablets of carbamazepine are also available as extended-release (ER). ER tablets or capsules are designed to last longer in your body and are delivered to your body slower than standard tablets or capsules; this can help minimize side effects and increase the therapeutic effect. Carbamazepine has severe brand names, including but not limited to Tegretol, Carbatrol, Equetro, and more. The brand names listed below are more commonly used in practice. 

Carbamazepine Generic Price Range

Dosage FormDosageQuantityCost
Tablet 200mg60 tablets $22.96
Oral suspension100mg/5mL 450 mL $30.15-$30.65
Chewable tablets 100mg 60 chewable tablets $17.89
Capsule, ER 200mg30 capsules $50.75
Tablet, ER 400mg 30 tablets $83.03

Tegretol Price Range 

Dosage FormDosageQuantity Cost 
Tablet200mg120 tablets$367.24 
Oral suspension100mg/5mL2250 mL $948.52-$1,016

Carbatrol Price Range

Dosage FormDosageQuantityCost
Capsule, ER 100-300mg120 capsules $233.52
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Equetro Price Range

Dosage FormDosageQuantity Cost
Capsule, ER 100mg120 capsules $497.52
Capsule, ER200mg120 capsules $559.73
Capsule, ER300mg120 capsules $627.47

Generic vs. Brand Name

Although there is a significant cost difference between the generic version of carbamazepine and the brand name, there is no therapeutic difference between the two. This might be confusing because these medications have different names. However, generics are proven to be just as effective as their brand-name counterparts. The FDA runs very stringent checks on generic medicines. They must be equivalent to the brand name in terms of active ingredient, dosage, safety, efficacy, strength, quality, administration, and stability to be approved. Additionally, they are proven to have the same risks and benefits. 

The only way generic drugs differ from the brand name is their inactive ingredients. These might include coloring, binding agents, and preservatives. These differences might make generic medications look completely different from brand names, but it is more than well-researched and proven that generic medicines have the same level of effectiveness as a brand name. Check out our article for more information about generic versus brand-name medications.

Ways to Save On Carbamazepine Without Insurance 

There are a number of ways to save on prescription medication costs. Prescription discount cards can be a great way to save money and can be really easy to access. GoodRx is a great resource for prescription discounts. GoodRx is accepted at up to 70,000 different pharmacies and can give you up to 80% discounts on your prescription. Additionally, their website is easy to use and allows you to enter your medication into their search engine. You can save on your prescription costs by simply showing your pharmacist the coupon.

Another prescription discount card is SingleCare. SingleCare works with about 35,000 pharmacies, but like GoodRx is also free. Sometimes, depending on the drug and the pharmacy, SingleCare could have a lower cost when compared to GoodRx or vice versa. As such, it is highly recommended that you carefully compare the prices of your prescription at different pharmacies and with different discount cards to get the lowest possible price. Check out our article for more information about how to save on prescription drugs without insurance.

Carbamazepine Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

The following are some frequently asked questions about carbamazepine.

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What are the side effects of carbamazepine? 

Carbamazepine can have some serious side effects. Common side effects include feeling tired, nausea, vomiting, weight gain, and headache. However, it is important to note that some individuals are at a higher risk of developing rare skin rashes. This skin rash is known as Steven-Johnson syndrome and can be painful and severe. 

What medications should be avoided when taking carbamazepine?

Notably, carbamazepine has a large number of drug interactions. This means that if you are prescribed carbamazepine, you have to be very careful when taking your other medications. Sometimes your other medications might need to be taken at different times, dose-adjusted, or even avoided altogether. Make sure to notify your doctor of all of your concurrent medications but especially if you are taking: 

  • Blood thinning medications
  • Antibiotics
  • Antifungals
  • Anti-depressants
  • Immunosuppressants
  • HIV antiviral medications

How does carbamazepine work?

Carbamazepine affects a number of different components of your nervous system. Overall, carbamazepine decreases your body’s neuronal excitability. This means that for individuals with epilepsy, carbamazepine normalizes their body’s electrical activity and prevents seizures from occurring. Carbamazepine reduces your body’s nerve activity by blocking certain neurotransmitters from sending signals to your brain. 

Bottom Line

Ultimately, there are many different formulations and brand names of carbamazepine that may affect its price. Depending on what you are prescribed, you can expect costs anywhere from $22-$1016 without insurance. However, based on your preference, opting for the generic version and utilizing prescription discount cards can help you save significant costs on your medication.

Sophie Wei

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