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Chiropractor Cost With and Without Insurance in 2024

Girisha Bharadwaj
Girisha Bharadwaj1 Jan 2024
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The average cost of a chiropractic visit without insurance varies based on location and the services offered. From the data provided across facilities in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston, the average initial visit to a chiropractor costs about $148.75. For subsequent follow-up visits, the average price is approximately $81.88. These prices include consultations, treatments, and, in some cases, additional services like massages and X-rays.

Cost of Chiropractic Care Without Insurance

Compared with other treatment options, chiropractic care is often considered the cheaper alternative. Conditions such as sports injuries or injuries to the spine can typically incur high treatment costs. However, when treated with chiropractic therapies such as spinal decompression or chiropractic adjustments, they might cost less.

Find below a detailed list of out-of-pocket costs typically charged at a chiropractic clinic, based on the data collected from clinics in 4 major U.S. cities in 2023. You will find details about the respective clinics and what they charge for an initial and a follow-up visit. The follow-up visit's cost may or may not vary based on the specific treatments administered. All of the clinics listed below also accept cash as a valid payment method if requested by the patient.

Out of Pocket costs at Chiropractic Clinics in 4 major U.S. cities

Name of FacilityCity, StateService Costs Without Coverage

Prestige Health & Wellness


New York, NY

$125 for the initial visit  (including consultation and treatments)

$75 for a follow-up visit  (including massage treatment)

$50 for a follow-up visit  (without massage treatment)

*Each visit price covers the consultation cost, as well as the cost of all treatments and tests administered.

The LA Chiropractor


Los Angeles, CA

$250 for the initial visit  (including consultation and X-rays)

$90 to $135 for a follow-up visit (varies based on treatment)

*Treatment administered only on the follow-up visit, which also includes a complementary X-ray report.

Chicago Chiropractor


Chicago, IL

$75 for the initial visit  (including consultation and treatment)

$60 to $75 for a follow-up visit  (varies based on treatment)

*Each visit includes a 10-minute consultation with an additional 30 to 45 minutes of treatment. The per-visit price is all-inclusive of any treatments administered.

Whole Health Chiropractic


Boston, MA

$145 for the initial visit  (including consultation, test reports, and 1st treatment session)

$85 for a follow-up visit  (includes 1 treatment session)

 *The initial visit lasts 45 minutes including the treatment session, and the follow-up visit includes a 15 to 25-minute session depending on the treatment.

Chiropractor Cost With Insurance

Private insurance coverage for chiropractic services can vary widely depending on the specifics of the individual plan. 

Generally, many private insurance policies do offer some level of coverage for chiropractic care. This might include spinal manipulations, consultations, and sometimes additional treatments such as therapeutic exercises or modalities. However, there could be limitations in terms of the number of visits covered per year or the need for a referral from a primary care physician. 

Some policies might require a copayment or coinsurance for each visit, while others could have a deductible that needs to be met before the insurance starts paying. Additionally, services like X-rays or specialized therapies may or may not be covered. It's essential for individuals to review their policy details or speak with their insurance representative to understand the extent and specifics of their chiropractic coverage.

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