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How do I sign up for a health plan through Connect for Health Colorado?

Shandra Ahsan
Shandra Ahsan7 Nov 2022

Colorado is one of 17 states that uses its own Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace called Connect for Health Colorado. Connect for Health Colorado’s open enrollment period runs from November 1 through January 15. With so many plans on the market, we at Mira have created a step-by-step guide to signing up for a Colorado ACA healthcare plan. 

How do I sign up for an ACA Plan in Colorado?

While most states use the federal marketplace,, to shop for and enroll in ACA healthcare plans, the state of Colorado offers plans through the Connect for Health Colorado marketplace. 

The Colorado marketplace allows you to shop and compare different healthcare plans to find the one that is right for you. You will apply for coverage and choose your plan at the same time. Once you enter the site, you must create an account to apply through Connect for Health Colorado. Once you submit this application, the site will show you your coverage options.

When is Colorado’s open enrollment period?

Colorado’s open enrollment period runs from November 1, 2022, through January 15, 2022. When searching for a plan, understanding terms such as premium and deductible is critical to choosing the right plan. You can find commonly used insurance terms to be familiar with here.  

If you need to enroll in a healthcare plan outside of the open enrollment period, you may be eligible to enroll during the special enrollment period. You may qualify for the special enrollment period if you experience a qualifying life event, such as marriage, divorce, the birth of a child, a move, or lost health insurance.

Step 1 - Provide Relevant Information 

When applying for a healthcare plan through Connect for Health Colorado, you will have to provide relevant information to determine which plans you are eligible for. 

  1. Names and dates of birth for each person in your household
  2. Mailing address. If someone in your household- those you include on your tax return- has a different home address, you’ll need that, too.
  3. Social Security numbers. Enter the Social Security number of anyone who is applying for coverage. If you leave this blank, you may be asked to provide more information at a later time.
  4. Immigration document information. Non-citizens who apply for coverage may be asked to provide information from immigration documents.
  5. How you file your taxes. You may be asked about your filing status and who you claim as a dependent on your taxes
  6. Income sources. If you apply for savings, you will enter employer and income information for everyone in your household

Step 2 - What to consider when looking for plans

After you provide Connect for Health Colorado with your information, the portal will provide you with every plan you are eligible for. The online tool can compare plans based on covered doctors and medications, monthly premiums, possible financial help, and estimated total healthcare costs for the year. 

When browsing plans, you may want to consider: 

  1. Your monthly budget. How much can you afford to pay each month for healthcare?
  2. Plan and provider network. Does the plan’s network span across providers, hospitals, and pharmacies you prefer?
  3. How you want to apply. There are many ways to apply to for a Colorado ACA healthcare plan.
    1. Online: Go to Connect for Health Colorado’s website to apply and enroll. The website provides a live chat option and an online tool that allows you to compare different plans.
    2. By phone: Call Connect for Health Colorado’s customer service center at 855-753-6749 if calling inside the US or 303-590-9675 if calling outside the US. If you’re hearing impaired, call the TTY line at 855-346-3432.
    3. In-person (or virtually) Contact: An enrollment center near you to set up a virtual or in-person appointment with an insurance broker or enrollment assistant. There may all so be an enrollment event in your area during open enrollment.
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Step 3 - Selecting the best plan 

After selecting the best plan for you, Connect for Health Colorado will prompt you to decide how you want to move forward. You can decide to enroll on your own or ask for advice and questions. If you choose to enroll, you will be prompted to sign into the account you created and enter your billing information. If you have questions, Connect for Health Colorado will direct you to a live chat expert.

Top ACA Plans for Single Self-Employed Adult Living in Colorado

Bright HealthCare

Monthly Premium

Tier Level











Source: Connect for Health Colorado

Bronze plans have the lowest monthly premiums but have the highest deductibles and copays. These plans cover roughly 60 percent of care costs and are designed for those who are healthy and rarely go to the doctor. 

Silver plans have moderate monthly premiums, deductibles, and copays. They cover about 70 percent of the costs. Cost-sharing reductions are a subsidy available only through silver plans and may contribute to a higher percentage of coverage. 

Gold plans have the highest monthly premium but have lower deductibles and copays. They cover roughly 80 percent of costs. These plans are best for those with medical conditions that require regular medical care. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Signing up for an ACA plan in Colorado

After all the information given through Health First Colorado, you may still be left with questions. We at Mira hope to answer those below. 

Who is eligible for a Colorado ACA Plan?

Colorado residents and documented immigrants are eligible to enroll in an insurance plan through Connect for Health Colorado. You may also qualify for Health First Colorado, the state’s Medicaid plan, which offers health coverage with no monthly premium to low-income individuals and families. 

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Are there ways to make an ACA health plan more affordable?

Households that pay insurance premiums that exceed 8.5% of the annual household income qualify for federal tax credits for insurance premiums through 2025. 

What if I already have health insurance? 

If you have employer-sponsored insurance either through your employer or your spouse’s employer, you are not eligible for financial help offered through Connect for Health Colorado. If you are enrolled in a private insurance plan outside of your employer, you may qualify for saving if you switch to a Connect for Health Colorado plan. 

Bottom Line

Shopping for a healthcare plan that is right for you can be challenging. Utilizing the resources that the Connect for Health Colorado marketplace provides for comparing plans is a great starting point for finding adequate health coverage. 

If you are still struggling to find a plan, consider a health subscription plan like Mira! For an average of $45 a month, Mira members gain access to low-cost virtual and urgent care and up to 80 percent discounts on over 1000 prescription medications. Sign up for Mira today to start saving. 

Shandra Ahsan

Shandra is a junior at Yale University, where she is studying biomedical engineering. Before joining Mira, Shandra wrote in the science and technology column of a local newspaper. Additionally, she has experience writing healthcare policy, covering topics such as the American Rescue Plan Act, abortion rights, and expansion of Medicare eligibility.