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Health Insurance for Freelance Writers – The Ultimate Guide

Ashley Brooks
Ashley Brooks23 Aug 2022
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A freelancer does business on their own and often does not work for one sole company. While you may enjoy setting your own flexibility and work-life balance, you are responsible for finding your own health insurance, and your choices are limited. Knowing your options and your needs will help you find a plan tailored to you and your family, without breaking the bank.

Mira offers an additional health coverage option fit for a freelancer. At rates as low as the equivalent of $25 per month, you receive affordable and flexible health coverage without any requirements. Sign up and your coverage could start as quickly as today.

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Get affordable doctor copay without paying insurance premiums

Join 39,000 people and get Mira, the best alternative to traditional insurance. Enroll and use immediately. Plans start at only $45/mo.

Ashley Brooks

Ashley Brooks works in Healthcare Consulting and graduates with her MPH in September of 2022 from George Washington University, but graduated with her B.S. in Health Science from James Madison University in 2019. Ashley has been with Mira since June of 2021 and shares the passion for creating affordable healthcare coverage for all!

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