#GetOut- 5 Fun Things to do While at JPM

Alyssa Corso
Alyssa Corso14 Aug 2021

Did you know just about 1.1 million people are traveling for work-related reasons every day? Perhaps you‚re one of them! But don‚t feel as though you have to stay in your hotel the whole time‚Ķ there‚s a world to see! San Francisco, California hosts about 5.8 million business travelers a year. And the city has some pretty awesome sites to see. We know it could be a little intimidating to go into a city alone- but here are a few suggestions to keep you out and about on your next trip to San Francisco that you‚ll feel comfortable doing alone:

1) Take an Urban Hike in Mount Davidson Park

Overall, the weather in San Francisco is pretty awesome. Even in January, you‚ll probably catch some days that are 60 degrees and sunny. All the more reason to take an urban hike! I‚m sure you‚re familiar with the amazing hills of San Francisco, giving you both a site to see and a workout. This is also the perfect opportunity for some ‚Äúalone time‚Äù. Absorbing the city, taking your own route, and just appreciating the views. This site has some great suggestions for urban hikes in the city.

2) Explore Chinatown 

Chinatown, San Francisco

Chinatown, San Francisco is crazy busy, in fact, San Francisco's Chinatown is the most densely populated neighborhood west of Manhattan! Making it quite easy to lose someone and the perfect area to explore alone. Take a walk through Chinatown and grab lunch. You can admire the murals on the sides of the buildings, check out the Chinatown Gate, and walk the length of Grant Avenue.

3) Climb up the Hidden Garden Steps

16th Avenue Tiled Staircase at 16th Avenue and Moraga.

Put your sneakers on and head up some notorious staircases! These aren‚t just any old staircases. San Francisco is home to many amazing, artistic staircases- including, the Sand Ladder near Baker Beach, the Filbert Street Steps near Coit Tower, plus a few more here. Some of them can even take you to different parts of the town!

4) Bike Ride Around Golden Gate Park Loop

Use your alone time to hop on a bike and explore the city! Bike riding has multiple mental health benefits such as reducing stress, better sleeping habits, and more. There are plenty of places to rent a bike in San Francisco such as San Francisco Bike Rentals or use Bay Wheels via the Lyft app! 

5) Visit the Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts © Kevin Cole/Wikipedia

San Francisco has many amazing museums- most of which would be quite peaceful attending alone. Whether you prefer contemporary art or if you‚re more of an exploratory science person, we‚re sure you‚ll find at least one worth a visit. 

So what do you say- ready to head out into the exciting city of San Francisco? If you do, we‚d love for you to snap a pic, post on Instagram and tag us @talktomira and use our hashtag #TalktoMira. Happy exploring! 



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