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Finding the Best ACA Health Insurance Plan in Maryland for 2024

Alexandra Thompson
Alexandra Thompson1 Jan 2024
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The open enrollment period for the state of Maryland ends on January 15, 2024. Maryland utilizes Maryland Health Connection, a state-wide marketplace that allows residents to compare, apply and select a healthcare plan. This article will highlight the best marketplace plans for a 27-year-old non-smoking female in the Baltimore area that makes $70,000 per year.  

Best Plans in Maryland   

The chart below shows the best healthcare plan in Maryland for a 27-year-old non-smoking female in the Baltimore area who makes $70,000 annually. The chart contains this user profile's best bronze, silver, gold, and platinum options.

ACA Plans in Maryland

Plan Tier Monthly Premium Deductible 
KP MD Bronze 7500Bronze HMO $197.37 $7500
KP MD Bronze 6900Bronze HMO $204.24$6900
UHC Bronze Virtual First Bronze HMO $207.11$7250 
KP MD Silver Virtual Forward 400 Silver HMO $271.77$4000
KP MD Silver 3200Silver HMO$273.21$3200
UHC Silver Advantage Silver HMO $287.21$2000
KP MD Gold Virtual Forward 2000Gold HMO $263.86$2000
KP MD Gold 1750Gold HMO$266.82 $1750
UHC Gold Virtual First Gold HMO $269.21 $1350

Best Health Plans 

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