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Cheapest Urgent Care Centers in Houston, Texas

Talor Bianchini
Talor Bianchini12 Dec 2022
Cheapest Urgent Care Centers in Houston, Texas
Affinity Urgent Care, 4.6 stars
FastMed Urgent Care, 4.3 stars
Houston Methodist Virtual Urgent Care, 3.6 stars
Urgent Clinics Medical Care, 4.7 stars
Urgent Doc, 4.6 stars 
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Urgent care centers are a great place to go for unexpected health problems that need quick attention. They are often cheaper than seeing a regular doctor, but it can be challenging to find good service at a lower price. We researched and found the cheapest urgent care centers in Houston, Texas, to help you with your healthcare search. Some of the cheapest urgent care centers in Houston include Affinity Urgent Care, Fastmed Urgent Care, Urgent Clinics Medical Care, and more.

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Cheapest Urgent Care Centers in Houston, Texas

If you are looking for faster and more affordable alternatives to a primary care visit, an urgent care center may be the place for you. They are a great alternative to a last-minute appointment at a cheaper cost than most doctor's offices. With so many urgent cares available, finding the ones with the lowest prices can be challenging, but we've researched for you. 

We found the five most affordable urgent care centers in Houston, Texas. All information was obtained directly from the clinic's websites regarding self-pay pricing. You should always call ahead of time to gather information about the cost of services you hope to receive. 

Cost of Urgent Care Office Visits in Houston, Texas

Urgent Care Center

Cost Without Insurance

Affinity Urgent Care


FastMed Urgent Care


Houston Methodist Virtual Urgent Care


Urgent Clinics Medical Care


Urgent Doc


Affinity Urgent Care, 4.6 stars

Affinity Urgent Care has three locations in the Houston/Galveston, Texas, area. You can visit one of their facilities by calling and booking an appointment or through a walk-in visit. They accept all major credit cards and all major medical insurances (including Medicare and Medicaid). In addition, they have a rating of 4.6/5 stars, making them an excellent choice for an urgent care visit. 

Affinity has three levels of self-pay pricing, depending on the level of care you are receiving. 

Care Levels at Affinity Urgent Care



Care Included



Standard office visit, can include in house oral medication



Level 1 services plus in house lab testing, medication administration, EKG, x-ray, and wound care



Level 1 & 2 services plus incision and draining, laceration repair, foreign object removal, and splinting

Source: Affinity Urgent Care

Affinity offers a wide variety of care, including physicals, STD testing, COVID-19 testing, and occupational medicine. Urgent care services may differ between adults and children. Adults may seek help for allergies, UTIs, and even last-minute medication refills. Pediatric care could include non-emergent illnesses, school and sports physicals, and clinical lab testing. Veterans may also receive immediate medical care due to the VA MISSION Act

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